Martina Panagia became a mother, the first tender photo on Instagram

Martina Panagia became a mother, the first tender photo on Instagram

Great joy for Martina Panagia, who became the mother of little Vera: the photo on Instagram is a riot of sweetness

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Martina Panagia became the mother of a beautiful little girl named Vera. The former X-Style host made the happy announcement on Instagram, sharing the first very tender photo. A frugoletto all love and sweetness, wearing a soft pink onesie with a kitten in the center, while the mother – happy as ever – squeezes her hand.

It had been a few days that the beautiful Martina had not shared new posts on Instagram, causing the concern of fans. In the end, the reason became clear: Vera came into the world on April 16, giving her parents immense and indescribable joy. “We are very happy and bursting with love – wrote Panagia accompanying the post -. We are fine, but we have had and still need a few more days to recover. Let's be back soon ".

The new mother revealed a few more details about the birth and these hectic days, explaining in the Instagram stories that little Vera was born a little early. "He wanted to be known at all costs and we are happy," he told his loyal followers, who wasted no time in expressing all their emotion and congratulating the couple, now happier than ever.

Then the beautiful Martina resumed giving advice to mothers, telling her personal experience. In fact, since she got pregnant, the presenter and influencer has used Instagram to devote herself to the topic of mothers, creating a real diary of her pregnancy. With the honesty and freshness that have always distinguished her, the splendid anti-diva (as she herself defined herself) has exposed her doubts and perplexities without hesitation, the moments as beautiful as the most difficult ones, but above all she has no hesitated not for a moment to show the changes in her body, sending a message to all her followers: being yourself is the best thing there is, especially in an important moment like pregnancy.

The culmination of a beautiful dream of love for Martina Panagia and Gianluca, with whom she married last October. On that occasion too, the beautiful presenter and influencer shared the joy of the event with her followers, posting videos and images of a bride dressed in white and in seventh heaven. “They were really exciting days – Martina wrote in one of her posts – it's a date I will always remember. In this difficult year, love has nevertheless found a way to win. Best wishes to us, and best wishes to all couples who, like us, have cried, postponed, sweated, won. Love does not stop ". And Martina's immense happiness is just proof of this.

Martina Panagia

Martina Panagia, on Instagram the first shot of her daughter Vera

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