Masked Singer, Milly Carlucci reveals new clues about the show

Masked Singer, Milly Carlucci reveals new clues about the show

Milly Carlucci is slowly unveiling the first masks of "Il Cantante Mascherato", behind which well-known artists will hide

Milly Carlucci gorgeous 60 years old

There is more and more expectation for Il Cantante Mascherato, the show hosted by Milly Carlucci that has been very successful and which will be broadcast from January 29, competing with the GF Vip, which has recently been extended until mid-February ..

As the host herself revealed to Nuovo Tv in a recent interview, for the second edition “there will be many news and surprises“. The innovative format, much loved by the public, has exceeded Rai's expectations, which confirmed it in the schedule for this television season.

Fresh from the exciting edition of Dancing with the Stars, Carlucci is ready to embark on this new adventure, and in these days she is beginning to share some previews with her audience.

On the official Instagram account of the program, Milly Carlucci is unveiling one by one the masks that will conceal the singers who will perform in the music show. So far there are three masks made known: the sheep, the giraffe and the wolf.

Obviously it is not known who will hide behind these costumes, but the presenter had revealed in an interview with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni that she had decided to introduce new masks, to ensure that they better match the characteristics of the characters who will take part in the competition. .

In fact, rumors about the first competitors are starting to spread on social networks: the hypotheses of the users are imaginative, and after the name of Francesco Monte, one of the most popular is that of Ornella Vanoni, who is very reminiscent of the thick red hair of the Pecorella, but also the extravagant look of the Giraffe.

Alongside them there could be several other famous people such as Marco Carta, Riccardo Fogli, Virginia Raffaele, Serena Autieri and Roberta Lanfranchi. What we know for sure is that the public will not discover the secret identity of the singers until the last moment, when they will be eliminated one after the other, waiting for the winner.

The first edition was won by the Rabbit, under which Teo Mammucari was hiding. Among the conjectures of the viewers and the anticipations of Carlucci, what is certain is that this edition of Il Cantante Mascherato will also reserve many surprises: all that remains is to wait for the start of the program to understand who is hiding behind the masks already announced by the presenter.

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