Maskne: what it is and how to fight it with the right treatment

Maskne: what it is and how to fight it with the right treatment

The mask can cause various dermatological problems: acne, but also dryness, inflammation and premature skin aging. Here's what they are and how to fix them

Over the last year, the mask has become one of the main allies against the infection from Covid-19. We wear it to the supermarket, to school or university, to work and even outdoors. But if on the one hand it protects us from the virus, on the other it risks causing damage to our skin. In fact, in some cases a dermatological problem may emerge, renamed as “maskne”.

The problem occurs mainly after prolonged use of the mask. The consequences are of different magnitude: it starts with premature skin aging to get to the onset of pimples and other imperfections. Fortunately, there are effective treatments to combat it.

SOS. Maskne: the dark side of anti-Covid masks

The term Maskne refers to mask acne, or the onset of blackheads (the common pimples) right on the portion of skin protected by the device. The problem is not related to a specific type of mask but occurs with surgical, FFP2, FFP3 or even with tissue ones. Often, alongside acne, premature aging of the skin or the onset of other imperfections also occur. In fact, the mask prevents the skin from breathing and absorbing the sun's rays which act as a sebum-regulator and nourish the skin with a series of useful substances, including Vitamin D. Furthermore, wearing the mask for several consecutive hours favors the stagnation of humidity and changes in the pH of the skin, as well as increases the likelihood of skin inflammation. Not to mention that the masks are often made with synthetic fabrics and can therefore contain traces of preservatives and dyes, which can cause irritation and allergic reactions in predisposed people. These manifest themselves with the onset of blisters, redness and peeling of the skin.

Maskne: some tips to combat the damage of the mask

Of course the solution would be to not wear the mask for too long, but we know that it is impossible for many people: students, professors, shop assistants, doctors and health professionals and all those who work outside the home several hours a day.

Surely one of the first steps to reduce the damage of the mask is to carry out skincare daily by choosing delicate products that are also suitable for intolerant skin. This allows you to purify the skin and stop any inflammation in the bud. Afterwards, it is necessary to carefully choose a moisturizer composed of restorative ingredients, capable of fighting skin dryness and above all able to act as a barrier against external agents. Furthermore, those with dermatological problems should avoid the use of oiled and occlusive make-up, which risks further limiting the skin's breathing. Finally, it is always good to have a refreshing and moisturizing spray on hand to use when needed (i.e. when you notice that the skin is suffering and is dry).

Mask treatments: face rejuvenation and luminous and compact skin

Those who during the pandemic noticed the accentuation of dermatological problems due to the mask, but also to the isolation and stress related to the period, can rely on an aesthetic medical center to regain the well-being of the skin. Unlike beauty centers, which act precisely on the aesthetics of the face and body, in medical centers the problem related to the health of the skin is first of all addressed. The characteristics, needs and sufferings of the individual are analyzed. Then, the best personalized path is chosen to regain well-being. Among the medical centers present in Italy, MedikalBeauty Institute stands out, a reference point for those who in this difficult period are experiencing dermatological problems: mask, dryness, skin aging or inflammation. The centers are located in Milan, Bologna, Modena, Rimini and Brescia.

From the first meeting, the patient or the patient is welcomed by a staff of experts in different sectors: nutritionists, aesthetic doctors, professional operators, image and beauty consultants. Before any treatment, an accurate analysis of the patient is performed, in order to prescribe the best treatment and, if necessary, integrate it with the use of special machinery managed by experts.

Among the treatments available there are also those aimed at rejuvenation, useful for delaying the skin aging process, from the face, neck and décolleté. The difference is already noticeable from the first sessions. For facial treatments MedikalBeauty relies on the RigenFace brand, which offers specialized protocols to be performed with the best medical technological devices. In addition to following the patient throughout the treatment performed at the center, the consultant also recommends the skincare routine: a series of cosmetic products to be used for hygiene and daily care are indicated. In short, it is a path studied in detail and designed to regain a radiant, young and compact skin despite the use of the mask.

In collaboration with MedikalBeauty Institute

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