Massimo Ciavarro, actor: biography and curiosity

Who is Massimo Ciavarro? Let's find out all the details of his life and the curiosities of this actor very famous in Italy for the interpretations made in some films

Massimo Ciavarro is a well-known actor in Italy born in Rome on 7 November 1975. At a young age he manages to start working immediately mainly by participating in the creation of a photo novel that was published weekly by the Grand Hotel magazine. And it is thanks to this type of work that he manages to make himself known and appreciated mainly by the female world, which considers him to be beautiful and to get a chance to demonstrate his skills in the world of cinema. This will be for him the beginning of a career that will lead him to have a great national reputation. His debut in the cinema will be in 1976, playing a character in the film directed by Alfredo Rizzo entitled Sorbole .. che romagnola! The film belongs to the erotic comedy genre, and it is about a tourist guide who, for a mistake, finds himself improvising as a dietician for all wives who have a husband who goes to prostitutes. This change of job is due to the fact that she is forced to pay the bill for a very expensive hotel.

Thanks to this film he manages to gain fame as a sex symbol, which will earn him further notoriety after the release of some films, such as Sapore di mare 2, released in cinemas in the year 1982, and Chewingum and Celluloide published in 1996 and directed by Carlo Lizzani. In this period he always manages to play the same beautiful person who manages to win the most desired girl on duty in every film. He knows an increase in fame thanks to other works, such as Yesterday – beach holidays and family business, TV series published in 1986. His interpretations allow him to participate in the creation of a film entitled An Australian in Rome, a returning film to be part of a European project to raise people's awareness of various types of disabilities. Nicole Kidman will star in this film, with whom she will have an excellent relationship of friends and Lara Wendel. The plot consists of a love story between two young people, namely the character played by Ciavvaro and that played by the Kidman. During the film, the main male character will suffer an accident that will force him to remain in a wheelchair for his entire life, and therefore as a gesture of despair he will take his own life. The press belonging to the gossip genre will suspect a relationship between Kidman and Ciavarro, but despite this there was only a friendship.

In reality, unbeknownst to the newspapers, Massimo Ciavarro felt something for another colleague and actress, namely Eleonora Giorgi, very famous in Italy as a sort of symbol of Italian comedies. The two match their feelings and marry in 1993. From the union, a son named Paolo will be born later. Despite his personal commitments, he continues to act a lot and in numerous films and fiction, such as the fiction titled And they don't want to leave. The reputation was very great, but ignoring all the job offers that were offered to him, he made the decision to abandon and move away from the world of cinema and television to lead a life in the countryside. During this period he managed to open a wine-producing company, trying to support the family, and for several years nothing was heard of the actor and his family. His company went bankrupt and his wife, Eleonora Giorgi, obtained a divorce from her husband, who returned to the world of cinema by producing two films titled Matrimonial agent, published in 2007 and Men & women love & lies published in 2002.

His commitments will not be limited only to the world of cinema, but will alternate with the role of professor at the Luiss university located in Rome and the role of producer. In addition, in 2006 he decided to take part in one of the editions of the Island of the famous, well-known reality show conducted by Simona Ventura. During his adventure on the island as a competitor, he had health problems, which required the intervention of medical personnel and which resulted in a surgical operation. In 2010 he had the opportunity to act together with other very famous actors such as Massimo Boldi in a fiction entitled Fratelli benvenuti, consisting of 12 episodes and broadcast first on channel 5 and then on the fifth episode on network 4. Participation in reality shows does not stops with the experience made in the Island of the famous, in fact, together with his son Paolo, they decide to participate in the reality show called Beijing Express, which included a trip with several stages. In each city visited the competitors were tested by special tests. The couple formed by father and son will be eliminated during the eighth episode. Finally in 2015, thanks to the collaboration of a journalist named Susanna Mancinotti, she manages to write and publish her biography, where her life is told, entitled La Forza di Cambiar.

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