Massimo Lopez positive for Coronavirus: the messages of VIPs on Instagram

Massimo Lopez positive for Coronavirus: the messages of VIPs on Instagram

Massimo Lopez on Instagram has revealed that he has tested positive for Coronavirus: the messages of the VIPs on Instagram

Positive vip at Covid-19, messages from fans and colleagues

Massimo Lopez is positive for Coronavirus. To tell it on Instagram was the same actor who immediately received the support of his VIP colleagues. In a video posted on his page, Lopez explained that he had a fever and tested positive for Covid-19. "I've been home since Sunday because I started having a bit of a fever which then rose to 38.5 – he revealed -. I'm home now, monitored by doctors over the phone. The general conditions are good because this fever has started to go down. I wanted to reassure you all, hoping that it will be resolved as soon as possible. I urge you to be very careful, to use masks and social distancing as much as possible. I embrace you and cross our fingers ”.

Many colleagues commented on Massimo Lopez's post, virtually embracing him. Among them Paola Barale and Mara Venier, who is very close to the actor, but also Fiordaliso and Virginia Raffaele. The list of VIPs affected by Covid-19 is getting longer and longer. Only a few days ago Alessia Marcuzzi had given up on conducting the episode of the Hyenas because she was "slightly positive in the quick test". "I learned that a friend of my daughter Mia was positive for Covid – she told in connection -, so I as a precaution and for the safety of my family and all the people who are with us, having to take a train, I said: I do the quick test […] We are always checked, but this morning I said: I do one more because I want to be safe, I have to take the train and I get in touch with a lot of people. The whole family tested negative, I tested slightly positive ".

Among the characters affected by the Coronavirus also Massimiliano Ossini who, after being healed, together with his wife Laura Gabrielli, told about his experience. “I had a headache and great exhaustion; I was strangely tired, even the previous afternoon – he explained to Corriere della Sera -. My wife, on the other hand, when she woke up had the same symptoms as me, but also with a sore throat […] The first three days were hard with severe muscle pain throughout the body and the days following the rest it was necessary to then undertake the path of healing. Today I talk about it with the aim of being able to underline how much Covid-19 is a serious thing and that we must respect all the rules and indications that the State and the Ministry of Health communicate to us every day ".

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