Mathematics in English. The importance of exercising from an early age.

Mathematics in English.  The importance of exercising from an early age.

Integrated language and content learning is useful from an early age. Learning math and English together is more fun.

When to start sensitizing your children about the importance of learning English? How can you make learning fun?

Faced with the perplexities that parents may express for a possible study overload during their children’s day, to dispel any doubts, Micaela Antognini, founder of a language school in Milan, engaged in the training of students from primary school, had already come to the rescue up to university.

Learn English by playing

Children who approach English from childhood through play have advantages in the process of school placement. For this reason, it is important to include the teaching of the English language from the earliest years of school and throughout the school career.

But how to succeed without sacrificing other subjects and accompanying teaching with a certain degree of entertainment?

To answer this question we thought Redooc, which is implementing a new section on its portal dedicated to the teaching of mathematics (arithmetic, geometry, measurement) in English for primary and lower secondary schools.

Learn English by learning math

Therefore, learning mathematics, doing it in another language and through practical and concrete examples, demonstrating how the study of different subjects at school should not take place in watertight compartments, but in a transversal and interdisciplinary way. Through images, videos and interactive exercises it is possible to bring any student closer to the subject, demonstrating how mathematical operations are a daily activity, which allow us to cut a cake in equal parts, count the number of participants in a birthday party and absences made during a school year.

Certain that digital is a tool to make learning as personal and diversified as possible, it is the child himself who decides which tools to use, personalizing the lesson according to his needs. The platform acts as a palette and it is the student who chooses brush and color: with which font the reading of the lesson is more fluent? What size? Why not use the text to speech tool to facilitate the assimilation of concepts and learn the right pronunciation? These are also very useful compensatory tools for students with SLD.

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