Mathematics is a girl's sport

The Redooc platform will make you "make peace" with math. And with the STEAM month, invite the girls (all the girls) to try

Girls, get ready to celebrate women's day in an alternative way: from 8 March to 30 you will celebrate the month of STEAM (STEM – Science Technology, Engineering, Mathematics – with Arts), a field where the presence of women is still limited. The initiative will aim to reach at least 1% of Italian female students, to combat stereotypes on the subject. Team registration can be done by a teacher or directly by interested students / parents (in the case of children under 13). For more information click here.

We cannot talk about this event without mentioning Redooc, Italy's largest mathematics gym. To explain Redooc we must start from an acronym that perhaps not everyone knows: STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Well, mathematics is the basic grammar of STEM subjects, an international language, a passport not only for finding a job, but also for living in a conscious way: it helps to analyze situations and make decisions.

Mathematics is a subject we study at school for thirteen long years. Sometimes profitably, sometimes with discomfort and anxiety. Some think they are denied, but the truth is that each of us is born with a sense of numerosity. The Redooc educational platform is designed for all Italian boys and girls, to make peace with mathematics. Use natural language and technology according to the preferences of young people: video, gamification, smartphone. This is because everyone must be free to follow their own personal learning process that often does not coincide with the traditional teaching method, based on listening and memorization, not suitable for identifying and bringing out hidden talents. Mathematics is a sport for everyone. (owned by StarRock srl, an innovative start-up with a social vocation) proposes a new way of teaching and learning. It is an innovative digital teaching platform, optimized for interactive multimedia whiteboard, PC, tablet and smartphone, which provides support to professors, thanks to video lessons and interactive exercises explained, organized like a great online game. It can be used as a supplement to traditional teaching materials and for upside-down teaching (flipped classroom), but also as a valid tool for recovery and enhancement and for teaching aimed at school educational needs (BES).

The 2016/2017 school year ended with more than 6 thousand registered students on the platform in pilot classes of more than 100 secondary schools of first and second degree, throughout Italy.

For further information we suggest reading the book The girls with the ball for mathematics by Chiara Burberi and Luisa Pronzato, a collection of 100 conversations of as many women engaged in the mathematical or scientific career – ed. Libromania (DeAgostini).

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