Matilda De Angelis, from anorexia to success: "Today I accept myself"

Matilda De Angelis, from anorexia to success: "Today I accept myself"

The young actress Matilda De Angelis spoke of her fight against anorexia and her recent success

Matilda De Angelis, the sensual actress at the center of the mystery of "Undoing – The unspoken truths"

She is the actress of the moment: beautiful and talented, Matilda De Angelis made herself known and appreciated in the TV series The Undoing with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, and will soon be on the stage of the Ariston.

In fact, Matilda was chosen, together with Elodie, Zlatan Ibrahimović and Achille Lauro, to be one of the co-hosts for an evening alongside Amadeus at the Sanremo Festival: "I like her because she is a young, self-confident actress, with a caliber already international: it will be an opportunity to make it known even more ”, said the artistic director of the music festival.

Today Matilda De Angelis is a successful actress and her path seemed to have been marked for some time: in fact, her parents have always supported their daughter's talent, supporting her every step, as she told in a long interview with the weekly Oggi: " grown up surrounded by love – Matilda said several times -. I studied violin, guitar. I loved singing and my parents supported me, they weren't afraid that I would chase my dreams ”. But despite this, adolescence represented a painful chapter for her:

I fought against anorexia. A way of seeing oneself, of deforming one's own image that is terrifying, and that you carry with you all your life. For years I have not talked about it, because it was too painful and because I only got out of it for some time … Today I accept myself, even if perhaps it never completely gets out.

Like many teenagers, the young actress found herself battling an illness greater than her: “A need for attention, for affection. It was a drastic way of saying 'I'm here, look at me'. When you're fifteen, sixteen it's all very dramatic. And you easily risk not accepting yourself ".

Cinema offered her a way out: on the advice of a friend, De Angelis participated in an audition for the film Veloce come il vento, in which she starred alongside Stefano Accorsi. “A success, but also my existential turning point. I realized then that I wanted to be an actress by profession and no longer a singer ", she confessed.

With that first role Matilda laid the foundations for her great success: her career is based on a lot of study, commitment, tenacity and determination: “I'm a geek”, she admitted. On social media, the young actress wants to help others and be of support to girls and boys like her: some time ago she showed her face without makeup, sending a strong message of positivity and self-acceptance.

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