Matilda De Angelis: “Proud of my scars. I don't mind being beautiful "

Matilda De Angelis: “Proud of my scars. I don't mind being beautiful "

Matilda De Angelis posts photos on Instagram that portray her naturally, with her imperfections. And she writes that she is "proud of her scars, because she doesn't care about being beautiful"

Matilda De Angelis, the sensual actress at the center of the mystery of "Undoing – The unspoken truths"

Matilda De Angelis is undoubtedly the actress of the moment: everyone wants her, everyone looks for her, everyone invites her, everyone admires her, even though she is "good, beautiful, sexy". Yet the Bolognese actress, made internationally famous with the TV series Undoing, has repeatedly told, in interviews and on social media, how her path to self-acceptance has not been easy and painless. Matilda has often felt ugly, far from the traditional canons of objective beauty (tall, very thin, perfect), she has gone through the problem of eating disorders, and today, who finally feels at peace with herself and her physical appearance, she is keen to reiterate it and tell it, to help young women who, like her, are insecure and still far from that condition of respite with their body, a prelude to serenity.

Matilda posted on her Instagram account two new photos that show her natural, with her face covered with pimples. And he writes:

I became very proud of my scars. They remind me of all the times I've cried because I didn't feel beautiful and how I don't really give a shit about being beautiful. I don't even know what that means. Now I am very proud of them, they are beautiful like @camillacattabriga who always photographs me for who I really am.

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