Matilda De Angelis, the first photo with her boyfriend Nayt

Matilda De Angelis, the first photo with her boyfriend Nayt

The Leonardo star presents her boyfriend with the first romantic photo together

Matilda De Angelis, the sensual actress at the center of the mystery of "Undoing – The unspoken truths"

“I have a boyfriend, but I have to feel free. This is how my parents raised me ", these are the words of Matilda De Angelis, the most requested Italian actress in Hollywood. Just a few days ago, Leonardo's Caterina da Cremona expressed herself in these terms in the columns of Oggi, to which he granted a long interview in which he also spoke of his private life.

Despite her strong character and eager for autonomy, Matilda De Angelis succumbed to a pinch of romanticism on the occasion of Easter. For the pleasure of the public, the Bolognese artist has thus chosen to publish her first photo with Nayt, her boyfriend who already has a solid rapping career behind him.

In this shot, which she granted on her official channels, Matilda let the emotions conveyed by the two-person image speak. Su Nayt, born William Mezzanotte, immediately showed that he had no doubts: “He is an extraordinary person, He is an artist who has a crazy technique and poetics. If I'm engaged, am I no longer free? Eh no, what does that mean? I know it's always free, but do you think ?! ".

Despite the deep love that binds her to him, the Emilian actress has kept to specify that she feels like a free woman, to be independent, according to the teachings learned from her parents and inspired by her character in the fiction Leonardo, in which she lends her face to Caterina: “I aspire to be that kind of woman, with a very sweet and caring feminine side but, at the same time, independent, determined and resilient to the life that bends her but cannot break it. My parents taught me freedom in a broad sense ”.

The relationship between the two has been going on for some time, about a year, but both have kept the strictest secrecy about their private life. To reveal some details of their union was Nayt himself, on the occasion of the publication of his latest single Tutto Il Resto è Noi: “I don't know what works between us, but I believe that a relationship should never be one-sided”.

With her magnetic gaze and with a charm of yesteryear, Matilda De Angelis conquered the audience of the Sanremo Festival for her beauty and elegance, but also for her sympathy and her great ease on stage. The rapper boyfriend was her first supporter: “It was extraordinary, I knew it would break everything”.

Matilda De Angelis

Matilda De Angelis

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