Matteo Renzi, his wife Agnes positive for Covid after the vaccine

Matteo Renzi, his wife Agnes positive for Covid after the vaccine

Agnese Renzi tested positive for Covid after being vaccinated as a teacher

Agnese, Matteo Renzi's wife, tested positive for Covid. This was announced by the former Prime Minister, who explained: "Like many Italian families, we have a quarantine problem". The teacher, according to his role, had already been vaccinated.

In an interview with L’aria che tira, La7 show hosted by Myrta Merlino, the senator of Italia Viva revealed how he spent the Easter holidays, away from his loved ones due to the Coronavirus. The first to contract the disease in the Renzi home was his son Emanuele, aged 18: the boy apparently did not have any alarming symptoms. Later, Agnese also tested positive, and had to undergo fiduciary isolation.

“My son and I went to the hotel at Easter, but we had no problems” – Renzi explained to La7 microphones – “My wife caught the virus because the virus entered the house. I'm happy with her determination, she is ready to take lessons from home tomorrow ”. Therefore, even Agnes would not have manifested any particular health problems. As a teacher, she had already received the AstraZeneca vaccine: "But you can get Covid even after the vaccine" – concluded her husband.

It is likely that Agnes only took the first dose – AstraZeneca serum has quite a long booster time. And for the immunization to be complete, it is necessary to wait for the inoculation of the second dose. Even in this case, however, it is possible to contract the virus: each organism responds differently to the vaccine, which in turn does not guarantee 100% effectiveness. Rather, from the studies conducted in recent months it has emerged that the vaccine eventually allows the immune system to be prepared to react against Covid, so that the patient develops only mild symptoms in case of contagion.

Matteo Renzi therefore wanted to launch an appeal to viewers: “What I mean is: be careful and get vaccinated. Because the vaccine, even if it does not protect definitively, is needed ”. The former Prime Minister, unlike his wife, has not yet received his dose. But he is taking all the safety measures to avoid contracting the disease: "I swabbed and, above all, I respected all the quarantine rules."

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