Maturity 2021, from the commission to the subjects: all the news

Maturità 2021, dalla commissione alle materie: tutte le novità

The Ministry of Education has published the Ordinance relating to high school exams: how they will take place and what are the subjects chosen for the various addresses

After the examination of the Superior Council of Public Education, the Miur has published the Ordinance that regulates the carrying out of the 2021 high school exams, establishing which are the subjects according to the various addresses, how to access, how the commission will be composed and in which modality students will be able to take the test.

The provision also provides for exceptions to the need to carry out the examination in person if the candidate is positive for Covid or is forced to quarantine.

But let's see more specifically what has been decided.


  • Maturity 2021, admission
  • Maturity 2021, the commission
  • Maturity 2021, the exam subjects
  • Maturity 2021, the paper
  • Maturity 2021, when it starts
  • Maturity 2021, the inpatient candidates

Maturity 2021, admission

As initially foreseen in the draft, the admission of candidates will be arranged in the final ballot by the Class Council. The Invalsi tests, which will take place for fifth year students in the coming weeks, are not a requirement for access to the exams. Also confirmed the derogation from the number of hours provided for PCTOs (Pathways for transversal skills and orientation), as a requirement for access to exams, and any exceptions to the requirement of attendance of three quarters of the individual timetable.

Maturity 2021, the commission

The commissions of the final state examination of the second cycle of education are one for every two classes.

The commissions are chaired by a president from outside the school and made up of six internal commissioners for each of the two classes, without prejudice to the possibility that one or more commissioners are identified for both classes.

The president is appointed by the manager in charge of the USR. The commissioners are designated by the competent class councils.

Maturity 2021, the exam subjects

As happened last year, given the emergency situation due to the pandemic, the maturity exams do not include the usual division into written and oral tests, but are concentrated in a single assessment method through an interview in which each student presents a paper that focuses not only on the Italian language, but also on the subjects characterizing the course of study.

There will be, for example, Latin language and culture and Greek language and culture for the classical high school, Mathematics and Physics for the scientific high school, Foreign language and culture 1 and Foreign language and culture 3 for the linguistic high school. And again, Human Sciences for the High School of Human Sciences, Painting Disciplines for the Artistic High School with a specialization in graphic arts, Business Economics for the Technical Institute, Economic Sector, Administration, Finance and Marketing, Multimedia Design and Technical Laboratories for the Institute. Technological sector technician specializing in Graphics and communication, Laboratory of tourist reception services and Law and administrative techniques of the accommodation facility for the professional institute address Services for food and wine and hotel hospitality Articulation Tourist reception.

All other disciplines are published on the website of the Ministry of Education.

Maturity 2021, the paper

As stated in the note released by the Ministry of Education, the exam includes an oral interview, "which will start from the discussion of a paper whose topic will be assigned to each student and to each student by the class councils by next 30 April. The paper will then be sent by the candidate by the following 31 May. There will therefore be a month to develop it. Each student and each student will have the time to take care of it in depth thanks also to the support of a teacher who will accompany this path, helping each candidate to enhance what they have learned ".

The thesis – as already mentioned – will be assigned on the basis of the path taken and the disciplines characterizing the field of study, which can also be integrated with contributions from other disciplines, experiences related to the Pathways for transversal skills and orientation or skills individuals present in the student's curriculum. The paper may have different forms, in order to take into account the specificity of the different study fields, the planning of the educational institutions and the characteristics of the student in order to enhance the peculiarities and the personalized path taken.

Maturity 2021, when it starts

The starting date of the examination session set for June 16, 2021 at 8.30, with the start of the interviews, as announced at the beginning of the school year. The interviews will last approximately sixty minutes.

Maturity 2021, the inpatient candidates

The Ministry has established a particular procedure for candidates staying in treatment centers or hospitals, inmates or otherwise unable to leave their home during the examination period (for example because they tested positive for Covid or because they were forced into a fiduciary quarantine), the exam in videoconference.

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