Maturity 2021, yes to Invalsi tests: the calendar

Maturity 2021, yes to Invalsi tests: the calendar

The Invalsi tests will be held and will start in March: everything that is known so far about the 2021 school-leaving tests and exams

The Invalsi tests will be held and, except for last minute news, will start from 1 March for students in the last year of high school. This was announced by the President of the Invalsi Institute, Anna Maria Ajello, who confirmed the news to ANSA: the tests to assess the level of preparation of the students will be held this year. The decision came after Ajello's meeting with the new Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi, who is expected to sign an Ordinance in the coming days.

"The minister immediately received us and confirmed the need to have data to decide on school policies – explained the President of Invalsi – but he did not tell us anything about the use with respect to the maturity exam", that is, if they will be preparatory for admission to the State Exams.

Also according to the news agency, after the high school tests in March, the Invalsi tests for the third grade will start in April, while in May the tests will take place in elementary school, as previously planned.

Finally, starting from 1 September, Invalsi provides initial tests defined by ANSA as "diagnostic", to assess the level of learning and possible gaps in students. The latter, however, would be on a voluntary basis: “it is an extra service that we offer”, explained the President Anna Maria Ajello.

But what changes then compared to previous years? What will be the calendar of the Invalsi tests and the way to the 2021 maturity exams? Let's try to clarify a bit.

Invalsi 2021 tests, what changes

Prime Minister Mario Draghi stressed that school is a priority of his new government, especially after all the closures that have caused students to lose a lot of ground. And with the arrival in Viale Trastevere of the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi, it was decided to already finalize the Ministerial Order in view of the State Exams of the secondary school. The publication should take place in the next few days or at the latest next week, but the first rumors are already circulating on how the tests will be held and on what days.

As confirmed by the President Anna Maria Ajello, the Invalsi tests will be there, but according to what is learned, as regards the high schools, they should only involve fifth year students, while they may have been eliminated for second grade students. They will then be held for third grade and elementary school and will verify the skills in Italian, Mathematics and English (the latter subject will not be included in the tests for elementary school).

The tests for the students of the last year of high school will be held on the computer and it seems that it is precisely for this reason that we have chosen to cancel them for the students of the second classes: to facilitate schools in the preparation of spaces and in the organization of classrooms , which otherwise would have been complicated by the security measures for Covid. For details and any confirmations or denials, however, it will be necessary to wait for the indications that will be present in the Ordinance of the Ministry of Education.

Invalsi trials 2021, the calendar

At the moment the schedule for administering the Invalsi tests, which will take place – as already mentioned – in computer based mode and with autonomous choice of the school day among those proposed, seems to be the following (although variations are always possible):

  • from 2 to 5 March the fifth sample classes of the upper secondary school should take the tests;
  • from 1st to 31st March the non-sample fifth classes of upper secondary school should take the tests (each school chooses its own specific calendar based on these dates);
  • 8-9-12 and 13 April the sample third classes of middle schools should carry out the tests;
  • from 7 to 30 April the non-champion third classes of middle schools should carry out the Invalsi 2021 tests;
  • the 5th grade of elementary school should take the Invalsi 2021 English tests on 5 May;
  • on 6 May the second and fifth grades of elementary school should take the Invalsi 2021 tests of Italian;
  • on 12 May the second and fifth grades of elementary school should take the Invalsi 2021 tests in Mathematics.

As for the second year of high school, if you decide to have them also carry out the Invalsi tests, they would follow the following schedule:

  • non-champion classes from 10 to 28 May;
  • 11-13 and 14 May the champion classes.

Obviously, given the emergency situation due to the pandemic and the continuous distortion of the scenarios, which also vary from Region to Region, the Invalsi 2021 test calendar could undergo changes.

Maturity 2021, admission or non-admission returns

As already specified at the beginning, it is not yet clear the weight that the Invalsi tests will have on admission to the State Exam. On this issue, clarifications are expected with the publication of the Ministerial Order, from which it will be known whether or not the obligation to carry out such tests will be linked to admission to the exams.

In any case, one of the major news regarding the 2021 Maturity could be the fact that admission to the exams is no longer automatic: it will be up to the final ballots of the fifth classes to assess whether or not the student deserves to be admitted to the State Exam.

Maturity 2021, the examination board and the dates

According to what is known so far, the commissions will be composed of six internal commissioners and the President as the only external figure, as already happened for the 2020 high school exams. The start of the tests, however, could be postponed with respect to the date initially indicated at the beginning of the school year, ie that of June 16. The idea is that it will be postponed by a couple of weeks, starting directly on the day scheduled for the oral tests, June 28, 2021.

Maturity 2021, how the tests and the interview change

In this sense, the postponement would also be justified by the choice of confirming the single test for this year as well, as happened for the 2020 high school diploma. In other words, the exam will consist of only an interdisciplinary oral interview, probably starting from the classic " essay ”proposed by the student and then continue with the questions of Italian and those relating to the disciplines that would be dealt with in the second written test. It is also likely that the part dedicated to the presentation of the PCTO (which stands for Pathways for Cross Skills and Orientation, replacing the old School-Work Alternation) and the part referring to Citizenship and Constitution with the elements of civic education remain.

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