Maturity diet, anti-stress foods promoted and rejected by Coldiretti

Maturity diet, anti-stress foods promoted and rejected by Coldiretti

Experts advise to focus on foods that favor the synthesis of tryptophan and to exclude coffee, spicy spices and chocolate

To better face the final exam, it is essential to take care of your diet. Coldiretti's experts thought about providing useful advice in this regard. They have compiled a list of promoted foods and others that should be excluded.

Entering the heart of these precious suggestions, we remember the importance of integrating foods rich in relaxing substances into one's food patterns. In this list it is possible to include pasta and rice, but also vegetables such as onion, radicchio, lettuce.

The alternatives just mentioned are just some of the many foods rich in tryptophan, an essential amino acid precursor of serotonin, a crucial neurotransmitter for physical well-being and mental relaxation. Any other option? Boiled eggs, legumes, yogurt and hot milk. The latter can be sweetened with a teaspoon of honey, so as to promote sleep. It is fundamental to specify that the synthesis of serotonin can be optimized thanks to the consumption of sources of simple sugars (e.g. fresh seasonal fruit).

On the other hand, what are the best foods and drinks to exclude from your diet in a particular period such as that of maturity? In this case, the place of honor is undoubtedly the coffee. Its excessive consumption is a frequent mistake among students who take the exams and can have several negative repercussions, causing insomnia and exacerbating any states of anxiety that certainly do not help to maintain concentration in the study and tranquility in view of the test.

Continuing with the advice on the foods that are best avoided, we remind you that Coldiretti's experts recommend refraining from the consumption of chips, chocolate and pretzels in general. In fact, these are foods that, just like coffee, can cause insomnia and worsen any agitation.

When it comes to guidelines for a healthy diet in this period, it is necessary to dwell also on fasting, which should be avoided if possible. The same obviously applies to the excess: as regards the latter point, we remind you that Coldiretti advises not only not to overdo the table, but also to exclude the use of heavy seasonings and spices with a potential exciting effect (we are obviously talking about pepper, curry and paprika). The maturity diet should also be characterized by the elimination of the broth nut.

The quantities are also basic: in principle, light meals should be consumed in order to avoid having to deal with annoying episodes of sleepiness. We conclude by pointing out that for personalized tips it is advisable to consult your doctor.

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