Maurizio Costanzo tells himself: "Maria is my pearl"

Maurizio Costanzo tells himself: "Maria is my pearl"

In a long interview with "Diva e Donna" Maurizio Costanzo told a lot about himself and also about his bond with Maria De Filippi

Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo, 25 years of marriage: their love story

Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi are a very long-lived couple from the world of entertainment: together for thirty years and both now indispensable appearances on the small screen. Maurizio Costanzo also spoke about their relationship in an interview with the weekly Diva e Donna.

Career, with the successes that the journalist and presenter still obtains today, but also private life talking about the children (of whom he claimed to be "Very proud") and of Maria married in August 1995, but met a few years earlier.

Maurizio Costanzo said of her: “The woman of my life, in whose hand I would like to die. He was in the car with me on the night of the attack (which took place in 1993 in via Ruggero Fauro, near the Parioli Theater, ed). Maria is also my pearl as a talent scout. My most exciting discovery. She didn't want to know about making television ”.

But then history teaches that Maria De Filippi of television has made and continues to do a lot, always collecting great successes, among the latest ones with There is mail for you and with Amici, of which the twentieth edition is being broadcast. . But there are numerous broadcasts that bear the signature of De Filippi.

And with regard to the feelings they have for each other, the question "is it always love?" in the interview with Diva and Donna Maurizio Costanzo replied: "Absolutely. A lot of friendship and mutual solidarity, which are then part of love. She doesn't forget what I did for her. We are also united by the same hypersensitivity to animals ”.

Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi recently celebrated 25 years of marriage, a solid couple and one of the most beautiful marriages in the world of entertainment.

During the interview Costanzo also spoke of Enrico Vaime, historical author and great friend of his who recently passed away: "I miss him. I really miss chats with him. He is the most ironic person I have ever met, ”he explained.

From a working point of view Maurizio Costanzo went on air until April 28 with the Costanzo Show, which achieved great success, the talk show is one of the historical programs of television (on air since 1982 with some interruptions) and has reached the its 39th season. But it does not stop: in fact it will soon be busy with the radio: from 3 May it will in fact be on Radio 101 with Let's pretend that airs from 20 to 21 with Carlotta Quadri

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