Maxi accessories for winter 2023, here’s how to wear them in your looks!

How should we wear accessories for winter 2023? Strictly maxi! Here is the CheDonna style guide that will explain all the fashion news directly from the most prestigious catwalks and the secrets of fashion!

Every self-respecting fashionista knows one of the most important rules of fashion, namely that a look cannot be said to be finished if you don’t wear the right accessories! Of course, with the speed with which trends change, it becomes more and more difficult to understand which are the right garments or accessories to wear in our looks. For this reason we are here to explain every news in real time from the world of fashion. For example, what will be the trendiest accessories for winter 2023? And how should we wear them in our all-day looks?

Maxi winter accessories

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Fashion changes season after season. New fabrics arrive, different colors, patterns and models of dresses that we never imagined wearing. All these changes happen for a very simple reason: to try to best tell the personality of us future buyers who will wear the new trendy clothes!

In fact, society changes and so do we. Our daily life changes and therefore also our way of dressing.

For example, lhe winter fashion for 2023 is completely different from last year’s. THE colors are much more garish. We will use different fabrics, such as wool, eco-leather and sequins for everyday life. In addition, the accessories have changed!

Well yes! Never before has particular importance been given to accessories! We absolutely have to wear them in our looks to be able to say that we have created a perfect look.

But what are the trendiest accessories for winter 2023? And how should we wear them in our looks? Let’s find out together in this branded style guide CheWoman!

Winter 2023 accessories: here are the models to buy, make, and how to best wear them!

Accessories are undoubtedly the element that most characterizes us within our look. For this reason it is very important to always try to mediate between the trends of the moment and what we are, that we want to tell with our looks! So watch out for trends, but always be yourself!

Maxi winter accessories

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So, what will be the hottest accessories for winter 2023? The answer is only one: maxi!

In fact, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and any other type of accessories will be trendy, the important thing is that they are large and flashy.

Colored plastic for example, or made from recycled materials. Necklaces in the shape of a maxi chain. Earrings that look like workings for curtains. Unleash your imagination!

Now the most important part: how to wear these flashy accessories? There are two rules to follow:

  • the first rule is that of acombine a maxi accessory with a minimal look, simple. Possibly one color. Do not wear patterned garments but prefer solid colors.
  • the second and last rule is that of schoose one and only accessory to wear. Do not combine the maxi earring with the maxi necklace. Give importance to only one accessory at a time! By the way, curvy physicist? Here are the style mistakes you never have to make to be on top!

Maxi winter accessories

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Now that we know all the secrets of fashion in terms of accessories to the next style guide! To always keep up with all the trends of the moment!