Maxima from Holland dares with the dress with holes that reveals too much

Maxima from Holland dares with the dress with holes that reveals too much

Maxima from Holland leaves Oslo speechless with the light blue dress with holes and exposed lingerie

Maxima from Holland: light blue dress with holes

Maxima from Holland continues her tour in Norway with her husband Guglielmo Alessandro and at the concert she showed up in a sophisticated dress with holes that plays on I see – I can’t see, leaving everyone speechless.

Maxima d’Olanda, i look in Norvegia

Maxima from Holland, 50, is known for her distinctive style, which can sometimes be called extravagant, but never out of context. During the state trip to Oslo she proved her taste, first with a sparkling dress accompanied by a transparent cloak and then with a very special and challenging sky blue dress for her role as Queen.

Maxima of Holland, the dress with holes

In fact, Maxima dared with a blue evening dress with holes of different sizes, on the bodice, the skirt and the sleeves. The rounds are edged in gold, while on the neckline they form a spiral game. The Queen strategically wears a flesh-colored petticoat, to prevent you from seeing what you shouldn’t see, even if some of these holes reveal the skin. A thin golden belt to slim the figure completes the look.

The dress, which belongs to the autumn-winter 2019 collection, is signed by Claes Iversen, a Dutch brand – even if its founder is of Danish origin – specialized in wedding dresses. Although it is not a creation of this year, it is the first time that the Queen has worn it.

Maxima from Holland, the metallic sandals

Maxima paired it with a pair of metallic high-heeled sandals by Gianvito Rossi, Kate Middleton’s favorite Italian footwear brand, and a gold clutch by Begum Khan. And to cover herself from the cold, the Queen brought with her a light blue stole ton sur ton but without holes.

Given the opulence of the dress and the excess of gold, Maxima chose less showy jewels than those of the gala dinner where she also wore the 44-karat sapphire tiara. So just some diamond stud earrings.

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