May Day concert, luckily there is Amber

May Day concert, luckily there is Amber

The great protagonist of the May Day Concert is one: Ambra Angiolini, with her natural beauty and super colorful look

The May Day Concert in the Covid-19 era does not convince (or at least not entirely). The absence of the audience is felt more than ever and the bad weather has unfortunately brought the dullness to the stage. But luckily there is her: Ambra Angiolini, who offers a very special look and which suits her extremely well. Her make-up is wonderful, but above all her smile: it's a ray of sunshine on a drizzly day.

Ambra Angiolini and Stefano Fresi open the May 1st Concert with a monologue by Giorgio Gaber. Eye-catching is Amber's natural beauty, gorgeous with light makeup and slightly wavy hair. It leads naturally: it brings a breath of freshness. And he concludes the wonderful monologue with an impactful sentence, together with Fresi: "Italy heals itself with work", and we could not more than agree.

Ambra chose an iconic look to conduct the May Day Concert. A pink jacket, with high-waisted trousers and an orange top. A mix of colors that convinces and that suits her very well, enhancing the color of her skin. Passed with full marks, but it could not be otherwise: women have always been an icon to follow, both for their style and for their sympathy and joy, which they brought with them to the stage. In particular, during the sketch with Lillo, "Sonaman" for the occasion.

Among the other looks of the May Day Concert, the honorable mentions go to Margherita Vicario, connected with the Multiethnic Orchestra of Arezzo from the Petrarca Theater in Arezzo, and Gaia, who sings her "Cuore Amaro" from the Maxxi National Museum. of the 21st Century Arts in Rome. The first was characterized by classic elegance, while Gaia wore an overcoat shirt with fringed sleeves, for a total black look that always wins.

It should be emphasized the wonderful dedication for all the girls of Margherita Vicario, which quotes Marie Cure: "To rebellious girls all over the world, dream big, aim high, fight with energy." Truly wonderful: the women, in this edition of the May Day Concert, are nothing short of splendid.

On the other hand, the looks of Chadia Rodriguez and Federica Carta are particular, who instead proposed a sparkling and uninhibited style: Federica mixes a patchwork dress, and both show off super colored and very long nails, as they are in fashion at the moment. The final touch? The closing sentence: "Long live the love to be free to love who we want and when we want."

Ambra Angiolini

Ambra Angiolini's look at the May Day 2021 Concert

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