May favorites: skincare and makeup products to try

May favorites: skincare and makeup products to try

A May in the name of freshness: skin renewed by peeling and illuminating and concentrated serums, reborn hair, volumized lashes and plump lips

The first heat begins to arrive and the skin sheds too much makeup and becomes more natural. In my favorite May products, products for the preparation of the skin cannot be missing, to make it smooth and smooth, without imperfections, with a uniform and homogeneous complexion. Hair increasingly often left to dry in the air (pay attention to the neck though) needs freshness and volume while the eyes and lips are dressed in a few products, for a delicate and tidy result without effort.

Mulac Cosmetics Juicy Pop Multi Acid Skin Peeling

The Juicy Pop Peeling by Mulac Cosmetics is one of those products that I have tried and that I will never leave, right from the first use. It is a chemical peel based on acids, in particular 20% AHA, 1% BHA, 20% PHA that gives immediate results, from the first application. I could hardly believe it, because I have rarely tried products that have an instant effect on the texture and texture of the skin. It is applied evenly all over the face and left on for about ten minutes, less on particularly sensitive skin.

It is rinsed off and the skin appears visibly brighter, the complexion more homogeneous and uniform but above all it is really smooth and smooth, both in appearance and to the touch. It can be used one to two times a week, better in the evening before going to sleep, but remember to use a high level of sunscreen, because acids can sensitize the skin or stain it with incorrect sun exposure.

It is normal to feel a slight tingling while having the product applied, as well as a slight redness as soon as the peeling is rinsed off, which disappears after a few minutes of use. A must have product for effective and immediate exfoliation.

acid exfoliating chemical peeling Mulac Cosmetics Juicy Pop Multi Acid Skin Peeling

Pomélo + Co. Matcha Scrub Stimulating Shampoo

Pomélo + Co. is a brand that has made its way online, thanks to social media and influencers, but which really has great potential. I had the opportunity to test various references of the brand but I was amazed by the Matcha Scrub Stimulating Shampoo. It is a 2 in 1 product, a shampoo and a scrub, which rebalances the scalp and makes the hair clean, fresh and voluminous. Contains algae, rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids to protect the hair, Hyaluronic Acid to combat dry scalp and thus prevent dandruff but also to moisturize the hair and Matcha tea, energizing.

It also contains micro-exfoliating particles of plant origin, perfect for massaging the scalp, eliminating dead cells, promoting circulation and purifying. It is applied to the skin, massaged for a few minutes and with the addition of water it releases a soft foam with which it is pleasant to wash the hair. It is a delicate product but with a high washing power, so much so that a single pass is enough to perfectly clean the hair, even if there are accumulations of styling products or if you do not wash your hair too often.

Matcha Scrub Stimulating Shampoo Scrub hair

Eterea Cosmetics Intensive Antiox Concentrate

It is not new that I have a great passion for Eterea Cosmetics products but the new entry in my skincare routine is the Intensive Antiox Concentrate. It is an emulsion with an extremely light texture that was created to combat oxidative stress damage caused by pollution, UV rays, smoking and not always correct eating habits. I like to use it in the morning, instead of the moisturizer, because at this time of the year I find it sufficient for my combination skin that tends to shine, especially because I use another exfoliating serum underneath.

It dries quickly and gives a feeling of freshness to the skin and, with constant use, I noticed a more luminous, compact, elastic and plumped skin. It acts on the signs of aging already present and helps to prevent new ones thanks to the presence of Coenzyme Q10, which gives the product the cream tone, Glycerin, Rosa Samascena, vitamin E, Shea butter, aloe, Panthenol and many active ingredients, oils and natural extracts that make it a concentrated product of the highest quality.

Eterea Cosmetics Intensive Antiox Concentrate

Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara

The search for the perfect mascara never stops, it is perhaps my favorite product, the one I apply and I already feel more in order. Maybe I have very light lashes, but it's really a product that changes the look instantly, making it more awake and the eye more defined. While researching, I come across noteworthy mascaras, such as Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara, available from Sephora, which brought the brand to Italy. A brand that I have always seen with admiration, because Milk Makeup is the brand of Milk Studios in Los Angeles, internationally renowned fashion photographic studios.

The products are simple and performing, like this mascara, which gives an excellent volumizing effect, making the eye more intense and defined. It does not stick the lashes together and a more natural effect or false lash effect can be achieved, depending on the amount applied. It lasts all day without crumbling and falling into pieces under the eye and easily removes make-up, without rubbing the lashes too much.

Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara mascara volumize

Charlotte Tilbury Hyaluronic Happikiss Pillowtalk

Charlotte Tilbury is one of the queens of makeup, an internationally renowned Makeup Artist with an enviable career and a line of high quality makeup, available in Italy at Sephora. There are many products available but since I tried the Hyaluronic Happikiss lip balms I think I have found a product that I will never be able to part with. They are a real hybrid between a creamy lipstick, a gloss and a lip balm because it contains all the characteristics.

It is moisturizing like a lip balm and enriched with hyaluronic acid with a plumping effect, the pigmentation is as high as a creamy lipstick, available in 10 different shades, from the most natural to the most intense and has the brilliance of a gloss, for optically make lips more voluminous, but without sticky effect.

It has excellent durability on the lips, while eating and drinking, leaving a veil of color and a soft effect, despite the fact that part of the product is removed, as with a normal lip balm. My favorite color is Pillow Talk, a dark pink with a good percentage of brown, neutral and very similar to a natural lip color, perfect for any occasion and with any makeup.

Charlotte Tilbury Hyaluronic Happiness Pillwo Talk Lip Balm Hyaluronic Acid

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