May God help us 6, because the last episode is not on air

Che Dio ci aiuti

The final episode of "May God help us 6" has been postponed to make room for the Sanremo Festival. Appointment on Thursday 11 March with Sister Angela

The usual Thursday evening appointment with May God help us is skipped. The schedule of Rai 1 in fact has been modified on the occasion of the Sanremo Festival which takes place from 2 to 6 March. Therefore, we will have to wait another week, and precisely on 11 March, to find out what will happen to Sister Angela, aka Elena Sofia Ricci and her girls.

What will be broadcast on March 11th is not just any episode. In fact, it is the final episode of the sixth season of Che God to help us, in which we will finally see if Ginevra, played by Simonetta Columbu (see the video above), will marry her Nico (Gianmarco Saurino) or will end up in the arms of Erasmo, new entry in the fiction starring Erasmo Genzini.

We will also see if the vocation of Azzurra, who has the face of Francesca Chillemi present since the first season of the series, is solid or will succumb to the charm of Can Yaman, who landed within the walls of the convent of Sister Angela and Sister Costanza for the grand finale.

For the last episode, several twists are expected. First of all, Sister Angela will be able to reconstruct the whole story of Erasmus, the recently found half-brother, while Simonetta Columbu confirms that Ginevra will undo all her knots and will come to make a mature decision. So will it be orange blossoms with Nico or will Monica (Diana Del Bufalo) who has always been in love with the lawyer have a hope of winning him over?

To find out, we will have to wait for Thursday 11 March, given that the third evening of Sanremo 2021 is broadcast on March 4 with the duets. Meanwhile, on her Instagram profile, Simonetta writes: "We won't see each other next Thursday … but they say that with waiting the desire increases … right? I thank you for all your messages of affection and full of passion and involvement for the events of Gin. See you very soon with the last episode. ♥ ️ ".

The success of her character is evident and the fans reply: “Congratulations to you, you are always wonderful and very good. I honestly don't have the wait for the finale, indeed, perhaps it would be better not to ever broadcast it. 😅 ". "I think you are a real added value to the series, I consider you a very good actress". And again: "You came suddenly and your Gin made us thrill like never before .. it was easy to love you .. so beautiful in your simplicity .. because whoever knows they are doesn't need to appear .. I hope to see you again as soon as possible in new roles … and that life always reserves the best for you !! A hug".

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