May God help us 6: Geneva put to the test by Nico and Erasmo

Chi è Simonetta Columbu, Ginevra in Che Dio ci aiuti 6

In the new episodes of "May God help us" Ginevra is torn between love for Nico and attraction for Erasmus. But Simonetta Columbu fans on Instagram are all cheering for the lawyer

May God help us 6 returns tonight 11 February at 21.25 on Rai1 with two new episodes in which Erasmo is dangerously close to the truth about his origins, while Ginevra is increasingly tormented after her feelings for Nico have been put to the test.

In the first episode, titled Think about you, Sister Angela (Elena Sofia Ricci) and her father are trying to track down Vanessa to make sure she is really Erasmus's mother. If so, the boy would be Sister Angela's half-brother. But they are not the only ones to investigate, so they will have to hurry to beat Erasmus himself, who is ever closer to discovering the truth. Meanwhile, Azzurra (Francesca Chillemi) tries to bring Penny closer to Monica (Diana Del Bufalo) who is distracted by her relationship with Emiliano, aka Pierpaolo Spollon. Nico, played by Gianmarco Saurino, in turn organizes a dinner for four Geneva, Monica and Emiliano that could prove fatal.

Thus we arrive at the second episode, Wishes, of May God help us 6 broadcast tonight, all the torment of Geneva emerges, played by Simonetta Columbu, torn between love for Nico and attraction for Erasmus. For this he leaves the convent: he must clarify within himself and understand who he really wants beside him.

The split that Ginevra lives is shared by her fans who rush to comment on Simonetta Columbu's Instagram profile: "It's a pity that they ruined the story between you and nico and that he will most likely choose monica, you had made a nice growth path together, he with geneva he matured becoming a responsible man and geneva with him became with him he learned to live and not to run away ". “Yes, but we want a joy with Nico. 😁 ". And again: "Please do not make us suffer too much you and nico .. ❤️❤️❤️".

It seems that in front of Nico, Erasmus does not even have a chance. At least according to Simonetta's followers who are all compact in taking the defense of the handsome lawyer after he took a whole season, the fifth, to conquer Geneva, completely changing her destiny, since she should have become a nun. Will the two be able to get married?

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