Meat hurts without distinction between white, red and fish

Meat hurts without distinction between white, red and fish

Meat hurts our body, regardless of its type and preparation, recent research in the nutritional field proves it, especially in the oncology sector

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In fact, they have always made you believe that the body necessarily needs to take meat, as it is rich in iron, calcium, proteins and vitamins.
But since 2000, scholars from the University of Cambridge have carried out a study and have obtained completely different and stunning results. In order to reduce the onset of oncological diseases, meat consumption should be reduced and much more fruit and vegetables should be consumed instead. Obviously, however, all this has never been disclosed. And one wonders why? Without a shadow of a doubt, meat consumption would end, with it breeding and production, and thus another sector would be ruined.

Starting in 1987, the American Dietetic Association claimed that it is possible to be vegetarian and why not, even vegans to reduce the probability of the onset of malignancies. We must increasingly enter the perspective of bringing vegetarian and organic styles closer together. According to ethics, in this way all we do is destroy our world as everything is united by the environment, the various forms of connection, nourishment and finally health.

But why do all types of meat, whether red, white or even fish, damage our body? First of all, it is good to know that your immune system, every time it ingests meat, begins to create real overtime, all because of the substances that reach it such as animal adrenaline, uric acid and cadaverine.
Various experiments and observations were carried out on a group of three people, who had a completely different diet to understand their progress. In the first case, it was a person who consumed everything, including meat. In the second case, the individual carried out a vegetarian diet and finally the third subject followed a purely raw food diet.
Subsequently blood tests were performed, in the first case the subject showed leukocytes that doubled 4 times, in the second subject only twice, in the last individual instead the analyzes were perfect as the organism did not have to do a job excessive since toxins did not reach the body.

So all those who take products of animal origin are more exposed to risks of contracting many diseases. In fact, it seems that they run a risk of about 30% higher, especially in tumors such as pancreas, breast, colon, lungs and bladder. In addition, ingestion of meat can lead to diseases related to metabolism and heart disease.

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