Mediaset, the indiscretion that leaves you speechless: goodbye to Tg4 and StudioAperto

Mediaset, the indiscretion that leaves you speechless: goodbye to Tg4 and StudioAperto

Earthquake in Mediaset for the newsrooms of Rete 4 and Italia 1: due to low ratings they could close and give way only to TgCom

Barbara D’urso, change of look at Afternoon Five

What has been circulating for a few hours in the Mediaset corridors is a rumor that, if confirmed, would be news of historic significance: the company would be thinking of closing the newsrooms of Rete 4 and Italia 1, respectively Tg4, StudioAperto and SportMediaset. The reason? The high costs that would entail in the face of not exactly exciting ratings.

Are Tg4 and StudioAperto closing? The indiscretion

To report the rumors that run around the parts of Cologno Monzese is Fanpage, who claims to have discovered the incredible news from secure sources inside Mediaset. It seems that viewers will have to say goodbye to three historical editorial offices of the Biscione company: Tg4, StudioAperto and SportMediaset.

The reason would be attributable to mere economic factors: the three newspapers would cost too much compared to the ratings they generate, which are decidedly decreasing. The news for the two networks would be covered by the editorial staff of TgCom24 and the services already made for Tg5, the only one that does not fall within the new structure.

It goes without saying that this choice, if confirmed, will certainly cause discussion, not only for the extent of the news itself, but also for the inevitable cuts that will ensue, with several journalists who, if they fail to be relocated, will have to look elsewhere.

Cost optimization for news broadcasts: what it means

On balance, the company that sees Piersilvio Berlusconi at the helm would deem it useless to continue to send 4 journalists for 4 television broadcasters all belonging to Mediaset to report the same news. So he would have decided to optimize costs by otherwise employing journalists with permanent contracts. Therefore, those hired with a fixed term or VAT number could lose out. Fanpage also talks about 45 possible redundancies, including early retirement and non-renewals.

The new reinforcements for Mattino Cinque and the Barbara D’Urso dilemma

The other journalists who will not be relocated to the remaining newscasts will fill possible vacancies in the editorial offices of videonews and morning and afternoon containers. In particular, Morning Five would attract more reinforcements, considering that it is one of the few programs that has not known any crisis.

The situation is different for Afternoon Five, which after the sudden change of editorial line is experiencing a difficult time. The decision to keep a more sober tone for Barbara D’Urso’s broadcast does not seem to have been too appreciated by viewers: in fact, those who prefer more calm information continued to follow La vita live while those who preferred the trashy curtains of the presenter and the lighter topics has been orphaned of content. So we ended up not satisfying anyone and now Barbarella is thinking of migrating to other shores.

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