Mediterranean diet: lose weight and protect the kidneys

Mediterranean diet: lose weight and protect the kidneys

To underline its effectiveness in the prevention of kidney stones, a joint study was carried out which involved several Italian experts

The Mediterranean diet, a diet that has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for years, is notoriously useful for weight loss. When naming it, it is also helpful to call into question its crucial role in preventing kidney stones. To underline this benefit, a study has thought of it, the details of which have been published on the pages of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrion.

The work in question, a joint scientific study that involved experts from the Complex Operative Unit of Nephrology of the Agostino Gemelli University Hospital Foundation of Rome in Rome, started with the aim of prospectively analyzing the association between adherence to the Mediterranean diet. and risk of developing kidney stones.

Analyzing the data of 3 different cohorts, the scholars evaluated the peculiarities of the diet every 4 years and monitored adherence to the typical dietary regime of the countries of the Mediterranean basin using the so-called aMED score. Upon follow-up, it was possible to discover that adherence to the aforementioned diet can play a concrete role in reducing the risk of dealing with kidney stones.

The result in question is also noteworthy because, as highlighted by the experts of the Veronesi Foundation, kidney stones are a very common problem. Data in hand, about 9 out of 100 Italians suffer. Treating it promptly or better yet preventing it is very important: in the long run, this condition can in fact cause serious problems, such as kidney failure.

Fortunately, as highlighted above, thanks to the diet, which must be associated with adequate daily hydration, it is possible to act preventively. What are the tips to follow at the table to achieve the aforementioned goal? As highlighted also in the study we have described, it is appropriate to moderate the intake of animal proteins, simple sugars and salt. Instead space for possibly fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grains, without ever forgetting the decisive role of dietary sources of calcium.

As previously mentioned, it is essential to hydrate constantly during the day, clearly opting for water intake and avoiding carbonated drinks. We conclude by pointing out the importance of maintaining a healthy weight – weight gain is a risk factor with regard to kidney stones – and contacting your doctor before carrying out any diet-related changes.

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