"Meghan and Harry are about to divorce." And she will point to the White House

“Meghan e Harry stanno per divorziare”. E lei punterà alla Casa Bianca

Samantha Markle prophesies that her sister Meghan will soon divorce Harry: "It has already been questioned"

Meghan Markle and Harry will end up divorcing, this is the prophecy of Samantha, half-sister of the former actress, who has repeatedly pointed the finger at her since she married the Prince in 2018, even writing a book in which she promises to tell the true Meg. And while Sussex private lives are on the brink of crisis, Lady Markle is rumored to have serious intentions to run for the presidency of the United States.

As expected, the Sussex interview with Oprah Winfrey was a real time bomb. The Royal Family has been shaken to its roots after the accusations of racism, even the quiet William has lost his temper and has responded in kind to Harry. And if the first head flew, that of the powerful British journalist Piers Morgan, the revelations of Meghan and his wife in part turned against them, insinuating doubts about the veracity of their statements.

Samantha Markle's claims creep into this crack, saying: "Harry and Meghan are going to divorce, unless they get extensive assistance", a revelation that is unbelievable given that the couple is expecting their second baby. who will be a sissy. But many, during the interview with Oprah, talked about a certain embarrassment of Harry and how Meghan dominated in video.

In any case, Samantha in a recent interview with TMZ predicts that her sister's marriage to the Prince will end in divorce and goes so far as to say that "Harry may have already been questioned". Not only that, the woman says that if the Sussexes don't find support and find a way to work honestly and apologize to everyone they hurt, they will end up breaking up. "I mean, none of this was honest and the damage to the Royals was huge." A rather ominous prophecy that of Samantha Markle who never had nice words for Meg.

Meanwhile, according to the Daily Mail, Meghan has a very clear plan for her future: to become President of the United States. A rumor that has been circulating for some time, even before Donald Trump ended his term. Rumors claim that Harry's wife is ready to take the field as early as 2024. After all, the couple has important friendships, Harry is in fact very close to Jill Biden whom he has known personally since her husband was Obama's deputy.

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