Meghan and Harry, Carlo does not forgive them: he flies to America and ignores them

Meghan Markle, Harry defends himself: "I didn't fight with the Queen"

Carlo has no intention of forgiving Harry and Meghan Markle: he will fly to America, but he will not meet them

Meghan Markle, the second pregnancy

Carlo does not forgive Meghan Markle and Harry: he flies to America, but he ignores them. The Queen's son does not seem willing to forget what happened in recent months after the couple's interview with Oprah Winfrey. Among the members of the Royal Family, Carlo is the one who was most disappointed and hurt by the Sussex statements.

Already during the conversation with Oprah, Harry had said that his father was no longer taking calls, refusing to speak to him. The situation after the interview would have worsened further and Charles would have withdrawn into himself, also wounded by the death of Prince Philip, who arrived in a very delicate period for the Royal Family. For this reason, Carlo would have decided to travel to the United States to meet Joe Biden, but his goals would be to ignore the Sussexes.

Although he has not seen Archie, his grandson, for many months, Carlo would have decided not to visit his son and his wife. He, who in the past had supported the couple, even helping them to buy the Montecito villa, would have chosen to cut ties with them. The Queen's son, who has always been sensitive to environmental issues, will soon land in America to meet the President of the United States, Joe Biden, and discuss some important issues.

According to the Daily Express, however, Carlo has already stated that he will not stop in Los Angeles to see Harry and Meghan. “He will go to America to save the world – revealed a source -. Will travel for work. It will have a tight schedule, funded by UK taxpayers. His job will consist in flying to Washington, meeting Biden, returning to London ”.

No stop in Los Angeles therefore to hug little Archie and see Meghan's baby bump, pregnant with her second child. On the other hand, according to Palazzo sources, during Filippo's funeral there was a certain coldness between Charles and Harry. Father and son would meet, but without clarifying the situation. Even with William there would have been an exchange and a conversation (thanks to the intervention of Kate Middleton), but nothing more. The road to peace in the Royal Family, it seems, is still very long.

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