Meghan and Harry, in the book the trauma of Diana's death: the building is shaking

Meghan and Harry, in the book the trauma of Diana's death: the building is shaking

Harry's memoir promises sparks: the first advances on the content also speak of Lady Diana's death

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It has been called the most explosive book of the decade. After leaving the Royal Family, Harry decided to write his memoirs, in which he wanted to tell about his life but also all the details that involved the tragic death of his mother Diana.

The Duke of Sussex will also dwell on what the loss of his mother represented, for him as a child, in such a dramatic way. According to the Sun – and according to well-informed sources – the volume will particularly focus on this tragic event: “I was told by a well-informed source that Harry's memoir will focus a lot on the death of his mother, Princess Diana. , and on the related faults. It was a terrible tragedy ”.

The details come shortly after the announcement of the publication of the memoir that Harry will allocate for the end of 2022. According to certain sources, it would seem that Buckingham Palace is already in turmoil for any statements made by Harry, in particular those concerning the tragic death of his mother, which took place in Paris on August 31, 1997.

The timing of the book's release has also been defined as "deeply disrespectful" as it coincides with the Queen's platinum jubilee and would also be a clear attempt to hijack the celebrations for this important milestone of the Sovereign.

The Sussexes decided to leave the Royal Family in early 2020 to continue their life in the United States. This divisive decision of theirs was followed by a scandalous interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which they also revealed some details of their farewell to the Crown.

In the months that followed, it was Harry who made the dose worse. The Prince spoke of his difficult relationship with his father Charles and of having made the decision to leave London for the sake of his mental health and his children, who wants to grow up without setting them limits.

The relationship with William has been compromised for some time. The opportunity for rapprochement, offered by the inauguration of the statue of Diana, fell on deaf ears. The Sussexes are also thinking of returning to London for the baptism of little Lilibeth, whom they would like to baptize in the presence of the Queen. The date should be set for September. And Meghan will also be there.

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