Meghan and Harry, the children “deprived” of the affection of their grandparents: the accusation of Thomas Markle

Meghan and Harry, the children "deprived" of the affection of their grandparents: the accusation of Thomas Markle

Thomas Markle does not want to give up: he returns to accuse Meghan and Harry of keeping him away from his grandchildren

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Meghan and Harry were again accused by her father, Thomas Markle, of preventing their children from receiving the affection of their grandparents. The Duchess of Sussex’s father was very hard on the couple and found their behavior “terribly unfair”. Thomas was referring not only to himself, but also to Prince Charles. The only person who can see the grandchildren is Doria, Meghan’s mother.

Interviewed on Channel 7’s Sunrise program, Markle claimed that Archie and Lilibet were deprived of seeing all of their grandparents, as well as the rest of the relatives. Nonetheless, Thomas in no way wants to take legal action against Meghan and Harry. “I don’t want to use my grandchildren as pawns”. Since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left England and moved to California, things have happened (and not always good ones).

Currently, they live in their £ 11 million mansion in Montecito, Santa Barbara. Relations between Harry and Meghan and the Royal Family have always been strained after the move. Everything, however, has clearly worsened following the interview with Oprah Winfrey, which led William to suffer from anxiety about his brother’s behavior, fearing for the very future of the Monarchy.

It is no secret that Meghan Markle wanted to distance herself from her father, Thomas. Indeed, it all happened following a quarrel, just before the royal wedding with Harry: for this reason, he was not present on the most special day of his daughter’s life. At the same time, Markle wanted to make a point with her half-sister and other relatives, who have practically accused her, via the newspapers, of having turned her head and forgetting her roots several times.

“I have received pro bono offers from several lawyers, we have the right to sue to see our grandchildren,” Thomas Markle said that many professionals have contacted him over the past few months. “I won’t sue to see them because I don’t want to use my grandchildren. They are just children! I’ll wait”. A strategic move that Meghan will certainly notice.

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