Meghan and Harry, the rapprochement with Kate and William: no resentment

Meghan and Harry, the rapprochement with Kate and William: no resentment

Meghan and Harry are getting closer to Kate and William: there is hope for the future

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"Repair the cracks" is Meghan and Harry's new motto. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex want to start over, put a bridge between them and William and Kate. In recent months, there have been many, too many breaks, which have followed one after the other, like a house of cards, a domino of anxiety, of unspoken words, of heavy silences. To launch the indiscretion that there is an air of rapprochement between the Dukes was US Weekly, through a real expert.

"I know the four of them are talking to each other and have been making calls on Zoom and FaceTime lately," said Diana: The Voice of Change author Pearce Stewart. "They are much closer to each other, because the goal now is for each to respect each other". Pearce also added that “William was blinded with anger long after Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah. He felt incredibly hurt, but at the same time he preferred to focus on his family and move on with his life ”. A wise choice, that of the Prince, second in line of succession to the throne of England. There have been tensions, however, and it is undeniable.

However, it seems that, in their privacy, away from cameras and prying eyes, the brothers have moved on. Even Kate and Meghan may have re-established relations, according to official sources. The direction is one: to prevent the Monarchy from suffering another backlash. However, there is an obstacle on the horizon, namely the memoir that Harry will publish: he even asked his cousin Eugenia for help to write it in the best possible way.

Besides Pearce, Omid Scobie, author of "Finding Freedom", also wanted to underline the dissipation of the rancor and resentment that arose between Prince William and his brother Harry. Progress is small, but in any case the wound can be healed. There is hope on the horizon, but above all there is the desire not to get lost. Leaving such a feud behind will not be easy. It will still take some time. Of course, hopefully no more salt will be thrown on the still open wounds. "Time will do its job on this front, but at least there is respect on both sides".

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