Meghan and Harry try to erase the crisis: the move and the romantic dinner

Meghan Markle disappointed by the Palace because of Kate Middleton

In crisis after Megxit, Meghan Markle and Harry try to overcome the difficulties with a move and a romantic dinner

Meghan Markle, the new life in Los Angeles

Meghan Markle and Harry try to cancel the crisis that hit them after the Megxit and the move to the United States. The Sussexes wanted to start a new life away from London, but not everything went as they planned. After leaving the Crown, in fact, the couple found themselves struggling with financial problems and the need to find work. While the former Suits star immediately felt at ease in Los Angeles, Harry had to deal with nostalgia and tensions, never resolved, with the rest of the royal family.

The prince did not forgive his wife for her alleged ban on returning to England after discovering that Carlo was positive for Coronavirus. Not only that: the constant quarrels with William and Kate Middleton, eager to bring Harry home, especially in such a difficult time, would have caused problems for the couple. Despite the rumors of a crisis and a possible divorce, however, Harry does not seem willing to give up. As the Mirror reveals on the occasion of Meghan's birthday, who turned 39, Diana's second son tried to win back his wife. Such as? Arranging for her a romantic dinner prepared with her own hands. Helped by his mother-in-law, Doria, Harry would go to the stove, ready to delight his wife's palate. At the end of the evening, Markle would also receive a special gift: a necklace designed by him and accompanied by a frame with a photo of them.

To cancel the crisis, the Sussexes would have vowed to find the peace they have long sought, away from the paparazzi and tabloids. For this they would move again, this time to Santa Barbara. "The couple moved in July, to embrace a life as normal as possible – told People, talking about the new projects of Harry and Meghan, determined to win their happiness away from the Palazzo -. They have settled in a very quiet community and hope that the confidentiality of the neighborhood can be respected. They hope it for themselves as a family and for their neighbors ”.

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