Meghan and Harry try to overshadow William and Kate, but the Queen stops them

Meghan and Harry try to overshadow William and Kate, but the Queen stops them

Meghan Markle and Harry still try to black out William and Kate Middleton, but the Queen stops them

Meghan Markle copies Kate Middleton with the bow shirt

Harry and Meghan Markle try to overshadow William and Kate Middleton, but the Queen stops them. Despite the small Christmas truce, the feud between the brothers does not seem destined to stop. After moving to the United States, in fact, Harry would not have stopped dreaming of a primary role for himself. According to the Daily Star, in fact, over the last few months, Diana's second son would have tried to overcome his older brother, carrying out some initiatives related to the Royal Family, despite the Megxit.

Meghan and Harry's farewell to the Crown has brought to light some very special backstories. Behind the apparent union between the brothers, in fact, Harry's desire to have a primary role compared to William and to carry out some projects was hidden. Initiatives always blocked by the need to respect etiquette and strict real hierarchies. What prompted the prince to follow his wife to the United States was the idea that, by remaining in the Royal Family, he would always remain an "eternal second".

Arriving in America, however, Harry would not have broken ties with England, continuing to cultivate the dream of "surpassing" his older brother, especially after the friction with him and Kate Middleton. The opportunity would have arisen on Remembrance Day 2020. Carlo's second son, who has always been closely linked to the military environment, would have asked His Majesty for permission to fly to London to deposit a wreath at the Cenotaph in London.

A request that the Queen would not have liked, annoyed by the Sussex's attempt to obscure the official ceremony with Kate Middleton and William. "The Queen is firm in saying that you cannot choose what to do and what not, when you are part of an institution – explained a source -. Either one is inside, or one is outside ”. Harry would have explained to the Sovereign that he wanted to have a "more personal" role in public ceremonies, but would have met with outright opposition.

The Sovereign would therefore have stopped Harry, prompting him to postpone the trip to London. As we all know, the prince and Meghan Markle were later photographed at the Los Angeles cemetery, intent on delivering a wreath on the grave of some Commonwealth fighters. A gesture judged with great harshness at home, not only by William, Kate Middleton and the Queen, but also by many subjects. "Outrageous is treating Memorial Sunday as an opportunity to do public relations and, at the same time, steal the headlines from the real royalty who, at home, are doing their duty," explained Piers Morgan, summarizing the thought of his opponents.

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