Meghan and Harry will buy a house in Los Angeles

Meghan and Harry will buy a house in Los Angeles

The Dukes of Sussex search for a home in the United States, and the reasons are familiar (but not limited to)

Harry and Meghan to conquer America. For months, rumors of the possible purchase of an American home for the Dukes of Sussex have been chasing each other. From pure hypothesis, it seems that now the search for a home in California for the young royal family is becoming concrete.

To reveal it, as reported by The Express, was the expert on real things, Emily Andrews who also tells what would be the reasons for this choice.

In recent months, shortly before Archie's birth, when the first rumors about Harry and Meghan's desire to buy a house in Los Angeles began to turn, there was talk above all of the Duchess's desire to have a place to escape a little to the strict rules of court ceremonial, but above all to the suffocating pressure of the British tabloid press. A need, which would have increased with the birth of the little Archie.

Today, Emily Andrews reveals that there are also other reasons why Harry and Meghan dream of California. First, buying a house in Los Angeles would bring the royal couple closer to Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland. At the moment, Archie's maternal grandmother, a yoga teacher, faces frequent journeys to ensure her daughter and grandchild continuity, and having a home in Los Angeles would further enhance the relationship between grandmother and granddaughter.

Doria has been and is a reference figure for Meghan and she would like this special relationship that binds her to her mother, positively influenced the relationship between Doria and Archie. The woman, as it is easy to imagine, adores her grandson and was very present in her first months of life.

However, the proximity to Doria Ragland is not the only reason Sussex is looking for a home in America. Much of the truth is about Meghan's desire to find "a refuge" overseas from the pressures of the East, not only for her but also for her son. The Los Angeles home could guarantee Archie a space of freedom that would make his childhood a little more similar to that of his peers, not of real blood.

There is also a motivation linked to charitable activities and the search for funds for their foundation, which makes Sussex need to attend the United States more assiduously.

Meghan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, announced at the beginning of this year that they will start their charitable organization, after separating from the Royal Foundation, an association they helped manage with William and Kate. In this perspective, having a home in Los Angeles could facilitate their new business.

Furthermore, the couple already has a very important network of knowledge and projects in the United States, which aims to increase. Just think of the project that sees the collaboration between the royal couple and Oprah Winfrey, for the creation and production of a documentary on mental health.

In short, it seems, Meghan and Harry are not only looking for a love nest in Los Angeles, but an operational base, from which to start conquering America.

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