Meghan and Kate destined to be together: the prophecy in a photo

Meghan and Kate destined to be together: the prophecy in a photo

Were Meghan and Kate destined to be together in the Royal Family? A photo confirms it

Meghan and Kate were destined to be together in the Royal Family years ago when Markle was still "only" a successful actress.

A photo comes from Instagram that looks like a prophecy, published by Denise Cash, former editor of U Magazine. In the shot, made two years before Meghan met Harry, we see Suits star smiling as she holds a copy of the magazine with Kate Middleton on the cover.

At the time the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant with Charlotte and the tabloids spoke of the possible arrival of twins. Meghan, on the other hand, was focused on her career, but she continued to admire from afar not only Kate, but also Lady Diana, mother of her future husband.

The photo, as Denise Cash told Instagram, was taken after Meghan contributed to the creation of the magazine with a piece dedicated to sunglasses. The image seems to predict the future of the Markle that soon became the girlfriend then the duchess of Sussex, realizing the dream of a lifetime.

Today the life of the former actress is very different since then. Meghan left the Suits set and moved to England. On May 19, 2018 he married Harry after a brief engagement, bewitching everyone with his beauty and elegance. Later he gave birth to little Archie, his eldest son.

The royal watchers are certain that Meghan has brought a breath of freshness to the Royal Family. Rebellious and tough, Markle knows what she wants and does not stop at nothing to get it. Impatient with the rules and the real label, he loves to do his own thing and, maybe even for this reason, Harry loves her more and more and is ready to defend her in every situation.

And the relationship with Kate? If in Instagram's picture, Meghan posed happily with Middleton, in reality things went very differently. The two women are too different to agree and court clashes are on the agenda.

Meghan Markle – Source: Instagram

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