Meghan and Prince Philip's funeral, because now they are exaggerating

Meghan and Prince Philip's funeral, because now they are exaggerating

Even Prince Philip's funeral has become a pretext to point the finger at Meghan Markle: a situation that is becoming ridiculous

Funeral of Prince Philip, the Royal Family dressed in mourning

Buckingham Palace announced that Prince Philip "died peacefully" on Friday 9 April at the age of 99. A little more than a week later the funeral was held, in a restricted form, due to the restrictions of Covid and also at the behest of the Duke of Edinburgh himself, who had left very specific provisions on every detail of his last farewell.

Yet, even in such a delicate circumstance, the Queen had to deal with the tabloids and how to make a moment when, instead, she would have to focus only on her pain and gather the strength to say goodbye to her lifelong partner. (retrace the over 70 years of their marriage).

And this is because it took very little before the death of Her Majesty's consort became somehow connected to the Megxit: a kind of story so predictable that on social networks the irony towards conservative magazines and the teeming with news that somehow blamed Meghan for what happened.

In about half an hour, Fox News commentators began to insinuate a connection between Philip’s death and Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah: “Some report how angry he was after the interview. He was trying to recover and had to deal with it all, ”said Brian Kilmeade, adding that the statements by the Dukes of Sussex had triggered too much stress to bear. This is echoed by another journalist from the same network who has branded the allegations on racism at court as "terribly selfish and destructive (…), a cruel thing".

The Daily Mail and The Herald also rode the wave of emotionality for the tragic mourning by pointing the finger at Markle. An all too simple and low-level move, which achieves the opposite effect to that hoped for. If the goal, in fact, was to defend Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family in her moment of maximum vulnerability, adding further pressure on her is perhaps not the right choice.

In the hours and days preceding the funeral, the news about Meghan's non-participation appeared almost more important, which being in the seventh month of pregnancy was entirely predictable, than Prince Charles's tears.

There are even those who wrote that she did not fly to London because "she did not want to be the center of attention", that her presence would have been "embarrassing" and that "being near the coffin (by Filippo, ed) would have triggered a comparison between what is being buried and what is left ”. In short, they did not go light this time either.

Even the decision to write in his own hand a farewell note to leave on the wreath to pay homage to his "grandfather in law" was viewed with good grace, almost as if it were a sort of posthumous "Judas' kiss".

In short, it is clear that by now every pretext is good for attacking Meghan, as if she were responsible for everything that could happen to the Royal Family from now on. And beware, it is not our intention to defend it at all costs or defend its choices. What appears ridiculous is this persistence regardless of which any of his moves are to be condemned. If Meghan had shown up at Philip's funeral he would have shouted scandal and the nerve of wanting to steal the show. She didn't show up and a way was found to accuse her anyway.

And in this whole story we forget the fact that behind the stories, the gossip, the intrigues (real or alleged) there are still people and that among these, above all, there is one, Elizabeth, who has to face the most pain great of his whole life. And never so alone.

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