Meghan Markle, a 9 euro cream is her beauty secret

Meghan Markle, a 9 euro cream is her beauty secret

The perfect and luminous skin of Meghan Markle is the result of a cream with a strong moisturizing power. And it only costs 9 euros

Meghan Markle, diet and beauty secrets

Meghan Markle, 37, and a perfect, radiant, wrinkle-free skin. His secret? A cream that costs less than 10 euros.

This was revealed by the make-up artist of the Duchess of Sussex, Daniel Martin, at the magazine E! News. The make-up artist explains that to light up the face, use a pharmacy product because: "Bright skin is simply a very healthy and hydrated skin". Therefore, instead of obstructing the pores with heavy foundation, it is better to apply a quality cream.

The miraculous product used by Lady Markle is called Aquaphor and is produced by Eucerin. Cost? 8 pounds which is around 9 euros. Martin recommends spreading the cream on the highest points of the face, such as cheeks and forehead, to obtain a silky and smooth effect, ideal especially when being photographed.

The expert emphasizes the healing properties of Aquaphor, which is composed of glycerin, petrolatum and panthenol, to protect and moisturize dry skin, even the most sensitive. In addition to super cream, Martin revealed that he uses a water-based foundation and Tatcha's The Silk Canvas primer. Among the illuminants instead his favorite is that of Dior which combines the Magic Balm of Honest Beauty, a balm that makes the lips soft and fights the dryness of the epidermis. All for only 13.99 dollars, or about 12 euros.

So, a 21 euro beauty routine for a royal skin. However, Meghan also undergoes facial massages to give elasticity to the face and eliminate wrinkles.

If your favorite is Kate, know that Lady Middleton relies instead on a Botox cream, which she also recommended to Michelle Obama, and to the particular oil with Caribbean coral. While its low cost treatment is based on Nutella.

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