Meghan Markle and Harry abandoned by Carlo and William: they will never return

Meghan Markle and Harry abandoned by Carlo and William: they will never return

Charles and William dump Meghan and Harry considered "a distraction" to the Monarchy. And the Sussexes threaten to never return to London

Harry at Vax Live without Meghan Markle. On stage J.Lo and Selena Gomez

Meghan Markle and Harry have been abandoned by Charles and William who have decided to leave them to "fix things for themselves", while they return to take care of the Monarchy. For their part, the Sussexes no longer intend to return to Great Britain. There are serious doubts that the Prince is returning to London for the inauguration of the statue of Diana.

While Harry in the US became a super star by attending Vax Live, Carlo, William and Kate Middleton, who celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary, returned to court work, judging the Sussex issue "a distraction" in their lives. This is what real affairs expert Russell Myers claims.

Speaking on a radio show, Myers stated that William and his father: "They want to draw a line under Harry and Meghan, considered a distraction to the rest of the Royal Family, united in carrying out the work of the Crown." Having failed the talks after Prince Philip's funeral, Harry has returned to his Montecito mansion and there will likely be no more official meeting with the Queen and her brother to sort things out.

By now, Harry and Meghan are a closed chapter and whatever they do and say on the other side of the world, it no longer matters to Charles and William who now have to focus on supporting Her Majesty.

According to the expert, the Royal Family must now return as soon as possible to work in the presence, return to the people, support charities, visit the countries of the Commonwealth. "They have to get Britain and the Monarchy back on their feet, so Harry and Meghan will be left alone."

Many, including the well-known radio host Kevin O’Sullivan, thought that Carlo would forgive Harry, but evidently he was not. He simply decided to let his son get by on his own, after all that's what he wanted and it's the motivation that pushed him, along with Lady Markle, to leave the Monarchy. He has always suffered from the cadet son syndrome and Meghan gave him the courage to rebel against the eternal role of second, but the price to pay was very high. In Great Britain, many believe that things could have gone differently, which is why they are all with Charles and William: "Harry does not deserve forgiveness".

Meanwhile, according to rumors, Harry's trip to London, scheduled for July 1st, is strongly in doubt. It is believed that he can use his wife's second pregnancy as a motivation to avoid having to face the Royal Family again in person. As for Meghan, it is certain that she will never set foot in Great Britain again or at least avoid any relationship with her father-in-law and brothers-in-law, even if it seems that the two couples talk by phone, also to allow their respective children to interact. between them.

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