Meghan Markle and Harry, because the interview disappointed us

Meghan Markle e Harry, perché l’intervista ci ha deluse

Meghan Markle and Harry interview exploits reality show mechanisms making CBS earn millions on royal family allegations

Finally, Harry and Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey aired in the US and as expected in two hours the Sussexes have spared no low blows to the Royal Family. The only positive news in this 120-minute "chat" is that they are expecting a girl.

In Italy, the interview will be broadcast exclusively on TV8 on Tuesday 9 March at 9.30 pm (in rerun on Wednesday 10 March, after the episode of Italia's Got Talent).

In many respects this interview disappointed us, not so much and not only for the meanness that Harry and Meghan pulled out of the hat as well-trained conjurers, if they suffered them, they should certainly be denounced, but the way in which they chose to to do so, using reality show mechanisms, the not too veiled criticism of Queen Elizabeth, the envious recriminations and the advertising clamor waiting for the broadcast with a lot of heavy accusations, legal unleashed, private investigations, have spectacularized problems that to say about Sussex themselves were very serious to the point of pushing Meghan to the idea of ​​suicide.

The mud machine worth millions

For the interview with Oprah Winfrey, Harry and Meghan Markle received $ 7 million, about € 5.8 million, from CBS. Lady Markle immediately stated that this amount was donated to charity, so the couple did not earn anything in terms of money, but undoubtedly a lot in terms of notoriety. Meanwhile, according to the Wall Street Journal, the interview fees amounted to between 7 and 9 million dollars (between 5.8 and 7.5 million euros approximately), even if the broadcaster has not confirmed the news. While the 30-second commercials inserted in the two hours of broadcasting were paid $ 325,000 each. A mud machine that has put a lot of money into circulation. Popular wisdom says: "You wash dirty clothes in your own home", but here not only the worst baseness have been made public, without finding any solution between the parties involved, but there seems to be a willingness to exploit them up to fund from an economic point of view.

Harry's whims

Speaking of money, Harry complained that after leaving the Royal Family, his father Charles cut his allowance and did not answer his phone. Now, why should the Prince of Wales have to support a son who has decided to leave the family business (the British call the Court not surprisingly The Firm)? Anyone who resigns, no longer receives the salary. Then on the fact that Harry felt abandoned by his father, this is another matter. But obviously Charles was resentful of him for the way he decided to leave the monarchy. The Megxit was announced by Harry and Meghan with a post on Instagram, as any more or less famous celeb would do to announce the end of a working relationship.

Harry later stated that he realized he was "unknowingly trapped in the system, like the rest of my family, my father, my brother". After more than 35 years spent at the Palace and after the experience of her mother Diana, stuck in an unhappy marriage, did she really need Meghan to understand that those who belong to a Royal Family have obligations that come before any personal interest?

Kate Middleton's falsehoods never denounced before

In the interview Meghan tells how things really went between her and Kate Middleton with whom she never got along. Lady Markle explains that exactly the opposite happened between her and her sister-in-law as reported by the media. The British press reported that Harry's wife made Middleton cry over the dress Charlotte was supposed to wear at her uncles' wedding. In reality, Meg tells Oprah, it was Kate who made her cry, so much so that later she apologized and sent her a bouquet of flowers, but then neither the Duchess of Cambridge nor the Palace intervened to deny the false story reported in the newspapers. But why wait for Buckingham Palace to move? Why not issue an official communiqué from the Dukes of Sussex as a denial? And if they prevented her from doing so while she was still an active member of the Court, why not denounce as soon as she left the Royal Family? Why not include it in the famous biography, Finding Freedom?

Elizabeth, the real winner

Indirectly accused by her grandchildren of approving what they suffered, Queen Elizabeth presented herself in front of the cameras, while her husband Philip is hospitalized for Commonwealth Day. Her Majesty spoke of duty and unity and not even a mention of the questionable affair. by Harry and Meghan.

Nobody denies that Meghan Markle, as she herself declared, had a different treatment from the Windsors and no one underestimates the drama of being slandered without being able to defend herself, but the decision to reveal how quickly using the same media tools and methods against which she and Harry they point their fingers, they risk making her go over to the side and give her back a not very “princely” image.

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