Meghan Markle and Harry divided by new revelations. "They may be separating soon"

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Meghan and Harry could be on the verge of separation due to a hot new documentary about Diana. This is what Paul Burrell reveals

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The indiscretions that see Harry and Meghan Markle increasingly distant in their positions do not subside, to the point of putting forward the hypothesis of an imminent separation. And it does not matter if they are expecting a daughter who will be born in the summer and it does not matter that they continue to make financial deals together, the rumors of crisis overwhelm all facts.

After Lady Victoria Hervey's comment that questioned the soundness of Harry and Meghan Markle's marriage, because the Prince had rushed things with her, not giving her time to get used to the new life of the Court, now another reason that sees them opposed would be a documentary, yet another, on Lady Diana produced by Netflix with which the Sussex have a millionaire contract.

In fact, the Express reports some statements by Paul Burrell, Diana's former butler, regarding the sequel to Diana: In Her Own Words, by Netflix. According to Burrell, "Harry may feel troubled and torn" by the revelations promised by the program, especially as a result of tensions with the Royal Family, which have increased with the accusations that the Sussexes made against the Monarchy during the interview with Oprah Winfrey. Although William, praised by the Queen, is trying to solve the problems with his brother, what happened at Philip's funeral could definitively compromise the reconciliation.

According to Burrell, the documentary could create some unpleasant parallels between Meghen and Diana that could lead to a crisis between Markle and Harry. The Princess's butler said that Diana has always been "a role model for Meghan". The documentary according to Burrell is a serious threat that "could divide the couple", because it promises to reveal unedited aspects of Lady D, showing who she really was.

At Closer, Diana's former butler confessed: "At that time she was paranoid, she thought she was being spied on by the press. He made me lift the floorboards to disconnect the phone cables. Harry has always hated the fact that his mother was exploited and now the same thing is happening on the platform that he and Meghan have made arrangements with ”.

The new documentary is expected to include videotapes of Diana made by Andrew Morton while writing his biography of the Princess in 1992. Burrell added that the videotapes are “likely conversations with Diana's voice actor, Peter Settelen, and the audio recordings he sent to his biographer.

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