Meghan Markle and Harry, first Christmas alone in the US with Archie

Meghan Markle and Harry face to face with Kate Middleton and William: the summoning of the Queen

Meghan Markle and Harry are ready to spend their first Christmas alone in the US, but they may soon be returning to London

Meghan Markle copies Kate Middleton with the maxi black coat

Meghan Markle and Harry prepare to spend their first Christmas alone with Archie in the United States. The Sussexes declined the invitation of the Queen, who in recent months had asked her nephew and wife several times to return to Great Britain. The couple will spend the holidays in California, in the large mansion they bought some time ago after leaving Canada.

Last December 2nd Meghan and Harry were spotted inside a nursery in Santa Barbara intent on choosing the Christmas tree. A source revealed to Hello! that the couple would go unnoticed. “When they arrived, the shop was practically empty – he said -. There was only one family, with a child who mistook the prince for a salesman ".

This is the second Christmas that Meghan and Harry spend away from the Royal Family. In 2019, the couple flew with little Archie to Canada to escape too many commitments and the obligation to spend the holidays with Kate Middleton and William. The one of 2020 will instead be the first Christmas after the Megxit and they will live it in the United States where they have moved for a few months now. Based on the first rumors Meghan is organizing a very private party in the Montecito villa in which mother Doria Ragland and the couple's closest friends will participate: Katharine McPhee and David Foster.

For New Year's, the couple could choose to return to London. In fact, the new phase of the process will soon begin, which sees Markle lined up against the tabloids that would have made her life impossible since her entry into the royal family. On the other hand, Meghan has no intention of giving up and, despite some setbacks, she is determined to continue the war against the media.

Hard to say what will happen, certainly the former Suits star is ready to enjoy Christmas with the people he loves the most: Harry and little Archie. The last few months have not been easy for Kate Middleton and William, but Meghan and Diana's second son have also faced a lot of difficulties. Only recently, the former actress confessed to having lost the baby she was expecting. With courage Meghan told in an editorial the pain of miscarriage and how Harry remained by her side, between tears and the desire to start over.

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