Meghan Markle and Harry, Madame Tussauds removes their statues

Meghan Markle and Harry, Madame Tussauds removes their statues

Madame Tussauds removes the Harry and Meghan Markle statues, moving them away from the Royal Family

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Madame Tussauds removes the Meghan Markle and Harry statues, distancing them from the Royal Family. The consequences of the Megxit continue to be felt and are also reflected on the statues of the famous museum. In fact, the management has decided to move those of the Sussex to another section, away from Kate Middleton, William and Queen Elizabeth.

A choice made during the lockdown, a period in which the statues of Harry and Meghan would have undergone a restyling to make them more suitable for the conditions they live today. After the farewell to the Crown, in fact, the couple moved to the United States where they are divided between interviews and important projects with giants such as Spotify and Netflix. The statues therefore would have been removed from the place where they were from their inauguration for some changes. In the future it will be possible to see them in the Awards Party section dedicated to Hollywood celebrities.

"We are always attentive to the environment in which celebrities find themselves – explained Tim Waters, director of Madame Tussauds -, so we moved the statues of Prince Harry and that of Meghan Markle together with their Hollywood friends, with a decision that reflects their current status ".

The displacement of the statues is yet another sign of the distance – now unbridgeable – between the Royal Family and the Sussexes. After Philip's funeral, where it seemed that a rapprochement between William and Harry had occurred, Diana's second son returned to give an interview in which he spoke about the royal family. Meghan's husband confessed that it would not be the former actress who convinced him to leave the Crown, but that the idea of ​​"escaping" to America would always be in his thoughts.

"I was twenty and I thought I didn't want to do this job – he confessed -. I looked at what had happened to my mother Diana, I was aware that I could not build a family here. My life at Buckingham Palace? A mix between the Truman Show and living in a zoo ”. Then the lunge towards Carlo with whom relations would be rather strained. "Certainly I have experienced some form of pain and suffering due to the pain and suffering that perhaps my parents had also felt," he said. So I want to make sure I break this circle for Archie: I think it's normal for a parent to try to protect their child.

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