Meghan Markle and Harry out of the Royal Family: the Queen gives the ultimatum

Meghan Markle and Harry out of the Royal Family: the Queen gives the ultimatum

Harry and Meghan Markle have no time left: either inside or outside the Royal Family. But hope comes from William

At the home of Meghan Markle and Harry: inside the 11.2 million dollar super-luxury villa

Queen Elizabeth does not allow herself to be moved by Harry and Meghan Markle and gives the couple her ultimatum: they decide once and for all whether to return to the Royal Family or leave it permanently, but in that case also abandoning all related privileges and titles.

Former royal butler Paul Burrell said the Sovereign told Harry that "he couldn't stand with one foot in and the other out" of the Royal Family. And he added – during the interview with Vicki Pattinson in Secret to, that Elizabeth behaved like a wise and balanced monarch. "He did everything he could to keep Harry in the Royal Family, showing him how much he was loved by his whole country."

But things turned out differently, Burrell continues: “Harry wanted more. He chose with his heart and not with his head, he followed the woman he loves. Who can blame him for this ”. The Queen, however, gave her nephew the opportunity to change his mind, in the famous meeting in Sandringham last year. What the Prince really wanted was to keep his military posts, his uniforms. But Elizabeth was adamant, said no, forcing Harry to make a drastic decision.

Today the Prince for the love of Meghan has renounced his family of origin, has renounced his military posts and may soon have to renounce the title of Duke of Sussex, as well as Lady Markle to that of Duchess of Sussex.

This is what Anna Whitelock, head of the history department at the University of London claims, in an interview with the Express. Harry and Meghan must make a decision by next March. But as things are going, it seems clear that they have no intention of returning to Britain. On the one hand they signed a millionaire agreement with Netflix, on the other hand they rented their house in Windsor, Frogmore Cottage to their cousin Eugenia of York. All signs that would indicate the couple's intention to stay in Los Angeles. Not to mention that Lady Markle seems interested in climbing the White House.

Although a glimmer of light could come from William. Although it is rumored that he will become the next captain general of the Royal Marines, a position held by Harry until last spring, the two brothers seem to have regained the lost closeness, after the tragic experience lived by Harry and Meghan of the loss of their second child to a miscarriage. . What happened prompted the brothers to feel and to resume the ranks of a relationship that had been cracking right after the arrival of Markle.

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