Meghan Markle and Harry return to London and Queen Elizabeth trembles

Meghan Markle e Harry tornano a Londra e la Regina Elisabetta trema

Meghan Markle and Harry return to London in June: they have already accepted Elizabeth's invitation. But for the Palazzo it will be a problem

Meghan Markle and Harry are ready to return to Britain. The rumors of the last few days are becoming more and more concrete and two possible dates for the Sussex return have already been identified: in March and in June.

They are not simple speculations, Harry and Meghan – pandemic permitting – could get back on British soil as soon as possible and this news seems to be creating quite a few concerns for Queen Elizabeth, despite the fact that the Sovereign has repeatedly wished the return of the grandchildren giving them the possibility reconcile with the Royal Family.

Obviously, however, Her Majesty is not naive and her grandmother's affection takes a back seat when it comes to the Monarchy. The return to London of Harry and Meghan will certainly have a significant media impact that must be managed in the best way if you don't want a new scandal to break out. Among other things, in recent months the Sussexes have felt free to say publicly what they wanted in contravention of the court protocol, as when they intervened on the American elections, sparking criticism and indignation. As is well known, in fact, the members of the Royal Family must remain neutral in political matters.

But let's get to the reasons that would push Harry and Meghan to leave their super luxury villa in Montecito to return to England. The Megxit took place in March 2020, the Queen gave the grandchildren 12 months to fix the separation. The year is therefore about to expire and the Sussexes must define the agreement with the Crown. But we will hardly see them in Old Europe in early spring, due to the limitations of the pandemic.

On the other hand, their presence for Elisabetta's 95th birthday is highly probable, which is publicly celebrated in June with the Trooping the Color, an event that last year was celebrated in a reduced format. The royal commentator, Daniela Elser, said however that the return of Harry and Meghan on an institutional level "will be a headache for the Queen". All members of the Royal Family, from a personal point of view, will certainly be happy to see them again, among other things William and Harry seem to be reconciling, but from the monarchical point of view it could be a damage, ruining the fragile balance obtained in recent months. .

However, Elizabeth formally invited Harry and Meghan to join the official celebrations for her birthday, according to the Express. As things stand, at the moment it is not even known if the Trooping the Color will take place, even if it is still on the agenda, while other events, such as garden parties, have already been canceled by Her Majesty.

However, if all goes according to plan, according to sources close to the Palace, Harry and Meghan would have already accepted Elizabeth's invitation. In this regard, Elser comments: "When Meghan and Harry look out from the balcony of Buckingham Palace [from where the Royal Family watches the military parade during the Trooping the Color ed] they will be the center of attention with thousands of lenses and cameras aimed at of them".

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