Meghan Markle and Harry unpopular in the United States (and the Queen is involved)

Meghan Markle and Harry unpopular in the United States (and the Queen is involved)

Meghan and Harry would have lost their popularity in the United States due to an unhappy phrase about Queen Elizabeth

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More than a year has passed since Meghan and Harry were expelled from Great Britain and in some ways the situation seems not to have changed at all: the tensions are still very heated and the dynamics of the Royal Family prove it, which struggles to digest statements and holds position of the couple.

When the Dukes of Sussex fled the Crown to take refuge first in Canada and then in the United States, their popularity was at its peak: according to expert Daniela Elser, millions of Americans had sided with them in the battle of the Royal Family, which would have reserved great twists in this period.

If at first Harry and Meghan earned points in the eyes of the Americans, according to the royal expert, over time some of Lady Markle's attitudes would have bothered the people of the United States, who welcomed them with open arms.

“When they landed in Los Angeles in March of last year, their value as a rare and highly bankable commodity was peaking. Their brand was on the rise, ”he wrote for But according to Elser, the couple made a huge mistake, so much so that their popularity collapsed: "They told the Sovereign 'where she could put her Crown', an expression Americans have been fond of since the War of Independence. ".

It is clear that the Dukes of Sussex were eager to win the sympathy of the United States and determined to make a name for themselves in the commercial world. “Maybe they were ready and open for business, but the nation wasn't,” Daniela Elser stressed.

And today it seems that the Prince and his wife have found themselves in a very different condition from what they expected a year ago: Harry and Meghan thought they would obtain many more advantages from the separation from the Royal Family, relying above all on the tolerant and condescending attitude. of Queen Elizabeth.

The Sovereign, however, did not allow herself to be influenced by the events of her grandchildren, who apparently would also be going through a financial crisis despite the contract with Netflix: although Markle has silenced those who already gave them bankruptcy, there are those who claim that her new project will be a total flop. All that remains is to see which other aces will pull Harry and Meghan from the sleeve.

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