Meghan Markle and the heavy accusations of bullying: her lawyer speaks

Meghan Markle and the heavy accusations of bullying: her lawyer speaks

Meghan Markle no longer plans to remain silent. At The Princes and the Press, a BBC show, his lawyer speaks

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There is no peace for Meghan Markle. In fact, his removal from London and the Royal Family was worth nothing: he continues to be the center of attention and, above all, to receive accusations that strongly damage his image. Among the heaviest ones undoubtedly stands out that of bullying, of which the Duchess would have become the protagonist to the detriment of her staff and collaborators. This time, however, she is not willing to remain silent and, for this reason, she has sent her lawyer to intervene publicly to explain once and for all how things are.

Meghan Markle, the heavy allegations of bullying

The Princes and the Press is the BBC program that is sparking the ire of the Royal Family. On the show, which talks about the relationship between the Royals and the press, could not miss a discussion on the allegations of bullying received by the Duchess of Sussex.

It would seem, in fact, that Meghan Markle, while holding her role as an active member of the Royal Family, would have assumed oppressive and aggressive behavior towards her staff: news that quickly went around the world and that, without a shadow of a doubt, helped exacerbate the already severe malaise of Prince Harry’s wife.

According to what some participants of the show reported, the people who would have suffered the attacks of Markle about two years ago today would still be suffering the consequences, with attacks of tears and anxiety. But Markle is no longer there to remain silent while talking about her and this time she rebels.

To defend her in the BBC broadcast, her lawyer, Jenny Afia, authorized by the Duchess to speak on her behalf to clarify what happened and, above all, to represent Meghan’s thoughts on this matter, intervened directly.

Meghan Markle and bullying: her lawyer speaks

Jenny Afia has no doubts, Meghan Markle is not a bulla and there would be serious inaccuracies on the story told. He first wanted to clarify what bullying means: “Using power improperly to repeatedly hurt someone emotionally or physically”. And this, according to what the lawyer says, would never have happened.

Meghan Markle, while strongly declaring that she has never been the protagonist of bullying, does not want to deny or diminish the sensations, feelings and moods of someone. However, the words of the Duchess are not enough. His defense, as his lawyer admits, encounters a major obstacle. It is, in fact, difficult to prove that you have not mistreated someone. Denying does not solve anything, as the accusation remains.

Will Meghan Markle be able to demonstrate that she has always behaved correctly towards her staff? One thing is certain: he has no intention of ignoring the bullying allegations and keeping silent without giving his side of the story. Will we see your lawyer on TV shows soon to defend your client?

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