Meghan Markle, another relative turns his back on her (and does so anonymously)

Meghan Markle, another relative turns his back on her (and does so anonymously)

The Duchess of Sussex is delighted with the birth of Lilibet Diana, although her family continues to turn their backs on her

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Meghan Markle's relationship with her family has always been difficult (and perhaps 'difficult' is an understatement). The Duchess of Sussex is delighted with the birth of her second child, Lilibet "Lily" Diana, but it's not a golden age for her and Harry. The tabloids, in fact, do not allow breathing space, and now another relative of Meghan turns his back on her, and even does it anonymously.

The interview was released for Fox News: "Most likely, we'll never talk again." Provided that she respected her privacy, the family member – it is not known whether male or female – pointed out how, after becoming a Royal in 2018, Meghan practically felt above everything, including her origins, putting aside his natural family.

The removal, however, as the source reports to Fox News, was a consequence of the choices of the Duchess of Sussex: there are no recovery or rapprochement plans, such as those put in place by Kate towards William and Harry. There is no desire on the horizon to clarify, to meet or talk to each other again.

"I have my family, honestly we couldn't be happier with the love we share. Meghan and 'those' I couldn't care less ". A humiliation for the Duchess of Sussex, or one more reason to put a wall between her and her family? Meghan's rather tense ties have been at the center of gossip around the world, ever since her father, Thomas Markle, who wasn't even at his daughter's wedding, also intervened.

How not to mention, moreover, Meghan's half-sister, Samantha Markle, who harshly criticized her several times, especially after Megxit, saying that her sister "failed in her real duties, did not consider the people involved in the least. he set a good example ". The proverb 'snake relatives', in the case of the Markles, practically seems tailor-made for them.

However, despite the difficulties of the relationship and the Duchess's behavior, the relative adds that: “I am happy for them, that they have created a family. This is the most rewarding thing in the world and I wish the best ”. A comment that also leaves room for good. For the time being, no Markle spokespersons have responded. Probably, she is busy with Lilibet, Archie and Harry: their family is complete and, despite the diatribes with the BBC and the harshness of the tabloids, she could not but be more than happy.

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