Meghan Markle, because he won't be able to share William and Harry

Despite the fights and gossip, Meghan Markle will not be able to divide Harry and William. Diana's butler explains why

Meghan Markle will not be able to divide William and Harry, word of Paul Burrell, the former butler of Lady Diana.

The man has known the grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth since they were very small. He saw them grow and knows well the bond that unites them, especially since Lady Diana died tragically. After that damn August 31st 1997, William and Harry vowed to support each other and from that moment they never broke that oath.

In the last period, however, something seems to have disturbed the peace between the brothers. The relationship between William and Harry, according to British tabloids, would quickly crumble due to Meghan Markle. While Kate Middleton had succeeded in making the bond between the two more solid, the same did not happen for the former Suits star who, on the contrary, seems to have created an unbridgeable distance between the brothers.

Palace sources refer to furious quarrels of the Dukes of Sussex with those of Cambridge. A strong hatred of William against Meghan and continuous clashes that would have forced even Queen Elizabeth to intervene. But is it really so? According to Burrell, very informed about the events of the Royal Family, nothing can divide Diana's children, not even Hurricane Meghan, as the actress was defined by the tabloids.

"I don't think William and Harry are moving away," Diana's butler explained to Closer Weekly. They may have very different characters, but their bond was forged by the death of their mother and they are inseparable ”. Harry, who is 34, has been described by Burrell as "impulsive", while William, 36, would be more "calm and reserved".

Despite the differences, however, the two would have such a strong bond that nothing can divide them, not even Meghan Markle. "They have different roles and destinies – the man has revealed -. But this will not drive them away ". According to Diana's butler, the memory of the Princess is still very strong in the children who intend to respect the promise of not separating themselves, made in front of the mother's coffin. A promise that even Meghan – perhaps reluctantly or maybe not – will have to respect.

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