Meghan Markle, bitter birthday with Harry. And challenge the Queen again

Meghan Markle rejects the Queen's birthday invitation and infuriates her once again

Birthday Meghan Markle: greetings from the Queen, Kate Middleton and William

Bitter birthday for Meghan Markle who celebrated her 39 years in a far from simple period. The Duchess of Sussex moved to the United States with Harry, but that didn't keep her away from scandals and problems. The Royal Family tried to send an important signal for the occasion, posting several birthday greetings on Instagram dedicated to the former Suits star.

A gesture, however, that would not have appeased Meghan's bitterness towards Harry's family. The situation would now become unsustainable, due to past clashes with Kate Middleton and tensions with William. Precisely for this reason, Markle would have chosen not to return to England, refusing the invitation from the Queen who, for the umpteenth time, would have asked her nephew and wife to join her to spend some time together.

On the occasion of her 39th birthday, Meghan decided to take a road trip with her family. In the car with her son Archie, Harry, mom Doria and some friends. No luxurious party for the Duchess of Sussex who seems more determined than ever to move away from the spotlight. The choice of Markle would not have pleased the Queen who would have been furious with the new refusal. If the situation with the Sussex continues to be tense, on the contrary Kate Middleton and William are getting closer to The Queen.

Recently the couple appeared during an event, between laughter and complicity. Catherine, who has increasingly fallen into the role of consort of the future king, has sported an impeccable look, overshadowing even her birthday Meghan Markle. Meanwhile, the ex-Hollywood star's struggle with tabloids continues. In Los Angeles, where they have moved for a few months, she and Harry continue to fight to protect the privacy of little Archie, but also to find economic independence. Having failed to launch their site due to the hacker attack, they are ready to present their biography to the world and tell the whole truth about the much discussed Megxit.

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