Meghan Markle, Charles' succession to the throne challenged by Harry

Meghan Markle, Charles' succession to the throne challenged by Harry

Harry and Meghan Markle's accusations against Charles tarnish his image, putting the succession to the throne in crisis

Harry and Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey not only put the Royal Family in a bad light but gave a real jolt to the Monarchy, even jeopardizing the succession of Prince Charles to the throne.

Harry's accusations against his father who would have cut ties with him after the Megxit, refusing to pay him his salary and to talk to him, have had severe repercussions on his image, at least this is what the New Idea magazine reports. the Prince of Wales is fighting a tough battle to rehabilitate himself after the declarations of his second son. The game at stake is of high value, in fact what is at risk is the succession to the throne.

So, after the resignation of the powerful journalist Piers Morgan, the second victim of the Sussex revelations seems to be Carlo, among other things particularly struck by the hospitalization of his father Philip.

In the interview with Oprah Harry spared no attacks on Carlo. After accusing him of having stopped taking her calls because of the Megxit, she also stated that her father did nothing to defend Meghan from the media attacks she was undergoing, despite having specifically turned to him for help.

Not only that, Harry has increased the dose when he confessed to having taken the situation in hand because after three phone calls to Carlo he realized that he would not intervene. "There were many opportunities for my family to show support, but no one said anything." Harry therefore took matters into his own hands and the result was Megxit and the economic independence of the Sussex. Now the Prince has found work in Silicon Valley (see video above), while Markle is serious about running for the White House in 2024.

To all this we must add the accusations of racism that have made Queen Elizabeth intervene, who has established the position of Head of Diversity at the Palace.

The words of Harry and Meghan Markle hurt the Monarchy but above all they hit Carlo against whom fierce criticism was unleashed on social media. A source close to the Prince of Wales spoke of the "situation out of control" and added: "Charles worked so hard to rehabilitate his reputation after his relationship with Camilla, but it will take a miracle to clean up his image after the interview with Harry and Meghan ”.

Unlike his father, William instead came out strengthened by the storm created by his brother. The Duke of Cambridge is increasingly hailed as the future King and his wife Kate Middleton is proving to be the perfect Queen consort.

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