Meghan Markle closes all social profiles and prepares for the wedding

Meghan Markle closes all social profiles and prepares for the wedding

Meghan Markle has to give up personal social pages to marry Prince Harry. Meanwhile, the names of the first guests at the wedding of the year appear

Meghan Markle has closed all her social profiles, her Twitter and Instagram pages are no longer reachable from Tuesday 9 January. To tell the truth, the American actress, who will marry Prince Harry on May 19, had long since given up interacting on the web. Already last April he had closed his blog The Tig, from which he dispensed advice on health and beauty. He simply told his readers that "it was time to say goodbye", a sign that times were changing and that Meghan was preparing to become the girlfriend of a member of the English royal family.

The official reason for the closure of its social networks, issued by Kensington Palace, is that Markle had not used them for some time. In fact, it has not been updated since last spring.

It is very likely one of the many sacrifices that Meghan will have to get used to, this is the high price for becoming a princess. In addition to saying goodbye to the film career (just as Grace Kelly did in her time when she married Rainier of Monaco), Markle will have to comply with the strict rules of the Court and to communicate on the web only through Palazzo's official social networks, like Kate Middleton , William and of course Harry.

Not to mention that Meghan will be increasingly busy with institutional events such as a visit to a radio station in the London borough of Brixton where she and her boyfriend were greeted by a crowd of crowds. The ex radiant actress wore Burberry pants and a coat by Smythe, which we could define almost low cost by its standards, because it costs less than 600 pounds.

And then there is the wedding to organize. If Meghan has already expressed her desire to be accompanied to the altar by her mother, there are still many things to be defined. Starting from the guest list. A very delicate topic that created many problems for William and Kate's royal wedding. Apparently the Middleton will be present, while the Obama are in doubt because the Queen has not yet met Donald Trump. Among the celebrities may be Serena Williams and Victoria Beckham, great friends of Markle. And then there is the question of the uncomfortable relatives of the Windsor, such as the family of Diana or Sarah Ferguson, the ex-wife of Prince Andrea, who fell out of favor for being involved in a series of scandals.

Instead, it seems that the bride and groom have reached an agreement for the wedding dinner. The menu will feature traditional American and English dishes.

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