Meghan Markle, CNN report against her gone

Meghan Markle, CNN report against her gone

Yellow on the disappearance of the CNN dossier that questioned the revelations of Harry and Meghan Markle to Oprah Winfrey

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CNN's top reporter, Max Foster, had prepared a dossier against Meghan Markle after the interview with Oprah Winfrey, but has mysteriously disappeared.

The story, which has shades of yellow, was reconstructed by the Daily Mail and the suspicions for this strange disappearance fall on Meghan and Harry. After the bombshell interview, the Sussexes were at the center of controversy and blows and responses that also directly involved the Royal Family.

While many, especially in the United States, praised Harry and Meghan for having had the courage to tell the truth about court life, in Great Britain the reception of the interview was colder, especially since its broadcast coincided. with the difficult days of the hospitalization of Prince Philip who would die a month later.

Many inconsistencies were found in the revelations of Harry and Meghan, such as that of the alleged secret marriage between the two which would have taken place three days before the public one, a statement denied with documents that forced the Sussexes to correct the shot. And then the accusations of racism addressed to the Royal Family, when it later emerged that it was Princess Anna, without discriminatory intent, to speak about the color of Archie's skin.

Despite the proven contradictions, the journalist Piers Morgan, who has always had an attitude at times even exaggeratedly critical towards Meghan Markle, has lost the place for having pointed the finger at the revelations of Harry's wife to Oprah.

It is suspected, as reported by the Daily Mail, that something similar also happened to the dossier with the inconsistencies of the Sussex interview, prepared by Max Foster for CNN.

The reporter on the morning's program, New Day, had picked up what he called the "half truths" of Harry and Meghan, then collected them in a dossier that included some unpublished testimonies from members of the Palazzo staff who denied what the Sussexes said.

The document was then tweeted by the Sun and Daily Mail reporter Dan Wootton, so that the US would also be aware of the contradictions within the famous interview. Meanwhile, the video of Foster's speech, which had been posted on the CNN website, suddenly disappeared.

The doubt that Wootton raises is that the dossier disappeared under pressure from Meghan, who also intervened in the affair that led to the resignation of Piers Morgan. CNN has not yet made any official statement in this regard and has not motivated the disappearance of the document. Although some insiders reported that the dossier contained several clips of the interview with Oprah and therefore may have been removed for use of third-party footage to which they did not have the rights.

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